Mr. Carter was right in his article last week about the dangers of young drivers in commercial trucks.

How much are we willing to pay for ignorance or stupidity in our government? What they are doing to spend money we, our children, and our grandchildren do not have, is beyond belief. They are not satisfied with robbing from everyone’s pocketbook by inflating the cost of everything we need to survive, like clothing, fuel, and groceries. They want to make it even more costly and dangerous to get out on the highway by letting young, inexperienced drivers operate tractor-trailers. The public needs to know the dangers and urge Biden and our legislators to drop this idea before they have another disaster to add to their accomplishments.

Tractor-trailers weigh up to 80,000 pounds and are over three times the length of an automobile which makes them big, heavy, and hard to maneuver. At 55 miles per hour they have the energy to crush 20 automobiles the equivalent of dropping 20 automobiles 101 feet onto the pavement. Plus, their air brakes take up to a third of a second to completely engage. Which means they do not begin to slow down for 30 or 40 feet when traveling highway speeds. And their best stopping ability is over 40 percent less than an automobile and even worse when empty or on slick pavement. And Biden wants to put this responsibility in the hands of young, inexperienced drivers as a solution to the supply chain problem?

New truck drivers of the proper age do not stand a chance against the union run trucking business. If you are not union, do not even think about taking a load to the northeast area, or the shipping terminals. They will not accept your load. Dispatchers who assign a load to a truck driver give priority to senior union members and the new drivers, even if union members, do not get loads often enough to make a living.

Unions ruined the railroads and now with too many government regulations, they are ruining the trucking industry. Unions and government regulations cause higher prices. Contact your legislator today and tell them the truck driver solution is simple. Get rid of the trucking industry union control and reduce government regulations. Then watch the driver problem disappear. The solution is certainly not younger drivers.

L. O. Cox, Jr.



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