If I were planning to move to Morgan County I’d check the local papers to see what to expect. These are some of the articles that would make me wonder who’s in charge.

People in Rutledge are complaining that a subdivision is planned with only one-half acre lots even though it fits the zoning rules.

The County Commissioners want you to have 10 to 12 acres before you can build (must not be enough fresh air out in the county).

You can’t stay in an RV on your property. You have to go to an RV park but you can’t stay but two weeks (I would change the lot numbers every two weeks and give the residents a new address).

A Madison city council member wants to leave a legacy by introducing Airbnb to Madison. In my opinion she already has one in Foster Park with large one-quarter acre lots. I think she favored a real estate company over her constituents and let the Mayor vote for her.

The same council member wants to bring in storytellers to explain stuff to us as if the idiots in Washington aren’t doing a good enough job.

You may think this is from a disgusted, disgruntled and confused taxpayer. Well, duh!

Mike Laseter,


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