The current mess in the House of Representatives reminds me of a radio call from my days at sea in the Navy. We didn’t use it often, but when we did, it meant something.

When a task force goes to sea, destroyers form a protective screen around huge ships such as aircraft carriers, and auxiliary ships. The destroyers are there to protect the larger ships from attack, primarily by submarines. The spacing of ships in the screen is critical. Changing course in formation means moving destroyers quickly and safely into new positions.

Rarely, but occasionally, a destroyer might be a bit slow in arriving at its new spot in the formation. A ship out of station leaves a gap in the protective line around the aircraft carrier. A gap in the screen exposes the larger ships to a torpedo attack from a submarine.

If the destroyer lags too long, the screen commander will call the ship’s code name followed by the words, “Golf, Oscar, Yankee, Alpha” which is military phonetic for GOYA, which in turn stands for, “Get Off Your A!” That’s a message no Captain wants to hear.

Speaker Pelosi could take a lesson from a screen commander. For weeks the message from Nancy Pelosi and the left wing of the House has been that the bi-partisan infrastructure bill will not be passed unless the budget reconciliation bill is passed in the Senate.

Over the weekend, moderate Democrats said that they would not vote to pass a budget reconciliation bill unless the infrastructure bill was first passed. With such a thin Democratic majority, the infrastructure bill is effectively deadlocked.

While it’s true that the Republicans are the ones holding up the budget bill, few are getting that message. The Democrats are widely seen as the party stalling the infrastructure bill. By blocking the infrastructure bill, House Democrats are playing into the Republicans’ hands.

From down here in Georgia, and likely around the nation, Democrats look downright stupid. Why block a bill that could be a victory for President Biden, and for down-ballot candidates when you could pass the infrastructure bill with the support of the majority of likely voters? It’s not like Biden couldn’t use the help. After all, it’s his fault that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani turned tail and fled the country as the Taliban approached Kabul.

McConnell and other right-wingers who hate Muslims are loudly bashing Biden for not evacuating thousands of them and bringing them into the U.S. Democrats desperately need some sort of victory.

Pelosi needs to assess the threat, change course, and get her wayward ducks in a row.

It’s time for her to tell the Democrats in the House of Representatives, who seem to be forming a circular firing squad, to get in line and get to work. Tell them to quit the bickering and Golf, Oscar, Yankee, Alpha!

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