When Trump took office after the 2016 election, Republicans were quick to dismiss his critics by accusing Democrats of whining because they lost the election. The tables are now turned, and Trump’s base can’t take it.

After Trump was defeated in 2020, he and his base took whining to a whole new level. They are still at it. They don’t just whine, they bawl, scream, shout and take up arms against the Congress. They whine to judges. They whine on Fox News. They worship someone called “Q.” Mostly, they worship a self-styled messiah named “Trump,” who falsely claims that he will be restored to the throne, come August.

As we approach the celebration of the birth of our nation, Trump’s base is still gnawing on the bone of election fraud. Forget that the bone is dry, and that it needs to be buried.

While the world faces a pandemic that threatens our nation with constant mutations of a deadly virus, and while China continues to expand its influence around the globe, Trump’s base continues to wage Civil War 2020. At the expense of our national interest, politicians like Mitch McConnell are focused on tossing Biden out of office rather that getting things done.

Red states have passed laws aimed at disenfranchising thousands of voters whom they see as unworthy of voting. In our own state of Georgia, the Republicans have disenfranchised nearly 200,000 Georgians in the name of voter security. This they did despite their own party’s investigations into the 2020 election in which no irregularity was discovered that would have changed the outcome of the vote.

In Arizona, the Republican Senate has hired its own right-wing IT company to “audit” the 2020 ballots. Notwithstanding the fact that the IT company has zero experience in auditing elections, it is a foregone conclusion that the report they were hired to make will “find” widespread fraud. The problem with such audits is that they subvert the constitutional government of Arizona. All legal means of verifying the election results were thoroughly carried out, and they were carried out by Republicans. The hired gun’s report will simply be used as a political tool to “prove” that Democrats stole the election.

Thankfully, the courts have remained true to their oath of office, and Trump’s supporters continue to lose their frivolous lawsuits. This week, a superior court judge tossed out most of the claims in a lawsuit against Fulton County. The court is reserving ruling on the few remaining claims. It appears that the petitioners in that case intend to use digital enhancement of signatures on ballots to prove that the signatures are false. Anyone who has ever challenged a signature in court knows that this data can be manipulated, and that experts differ widely on the validity of signatures.

Neither the Arizona audit nor the Fulton County lawsuit will change the outcome of the election. They are simply intended to be fuel for the Republican whine.

Elsewhere, Trump’s base just lost its loudest mouthpiece, Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has been suspended from the practice of law pending his permanent disbarment. It was jaw-dropping to watch Giuliani descend from being “America’s Mayor,” into the depths of illegal political intrigue and lying that has led to his disgraceful end.

Thankfully, the tumult around the country seems far removed from our community of Morgan County, where we live in harmony with our law enforcement and debate peacefully, if strongly, with one another. Even so, we need to remember that our republic is fragile. Its success depends upon unity of spirit and our being the melting pot of freedom, principles upon which our nation was founded.

We need to weed out those in power who put their power above the national interest. That’s the power of the ballot box. It is crucial to our freedom. We must preserve it.

As we approach July 4, 2021, Lady Liberty may be battered, but she is far from dead.

Let’s use this coming weekend as a period of serious meditation on the state of the nation. Let’s sit down over a meal with someone whose political views are polar opposite to ours and make peace. Everyone has some reason to support their views. Let’s hear each other out and join hands for America and our descendants.

Together we can do it; so let’s do it.

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