Sorry. This ain’t what you think it is.

This is not another Trumpian call to arms over his election loss. I’ve heard enough about that. Although a Republican, I’m gonna go with our Republican governor, Secretary of State and several Trump-appointed judges who rejected that idea.

So on with the real show.

What I want to discuss today is far more urgent, far more significant and way more realistic than Trump’s stuff. I want to make you aware that a bunch of rich folks in Atlanta want to steal the name of Morgan County’s own Buckhead and use it for their own purposes.

This past Sunday, AJC columnist Patricia Murphy wrote an article on this very subject that was both thorough and beautifully done. I just want to expand and comment on the topic. The title of her article was “Small Town’s Residents say one Buckhead is Enough” and that kind of cuts to the heart of things.


These rich folks live in an area of Atlanta that is known as Buckhead and here’s a description of that area that I found. Stylish Buckhead is known for its upscale malls and independent art galleries that cluster around Miami Circle and Bennett Street. Chicly dressed locals frequent the trendy restaurants along Peachtree Road and Roswell Road while 20-somethings hang out at lively clubs and bars. The Governor’s Mansion in Buckhead is a prime example of Greek-Revival architecture style.

They fail to mention that the streets are clogged with automobiles honking at each other while they scurry to the mall where they can be robbed at gunpoint on a daily basis. Neither do they reference other crimes such as car theft and the burglary of businesses that happen every day.

Dang glad I don’t live there.

As for the description of that other Buckhead, I’ll take Bonner’s and Benny Paul’s over their “trendy restaurants” and I much prefer to be comfortably dressed rather than “chicly dressed” (whatever the heck that means) when frequenting one of these restaurants.

I’ll also take the Steffen Thomas Museum over their “independent art galleries” where you pay thousands of dollars for pictures of stuff a third grader could draw.

You want lively clubs and bars — we’ve got plenty of them close by and I guarantee they are a whole lot more lively than those prissy things in Atlanta.

As for the historical aspect of the Governor’s Mansion — no disrespect intended Gov. Kemp, I voted for you — but I wouldn’t live in that part of the world for any amount of money no matter who revived it.

In Ms. Murphy’s article she talked with the former mayor of “The Real” Buckhead, Steve Bryant. Bryant told her this story. Atlanta mayor Sam Massell made a trip to our Buckhead to find out if he could buy the charter. He brought a framed print of flowers (probably from one of those trendy art galleries) as a gift. When it got down to business Bryant told his honor that he would take $1 million for each resident plus $10 million more for the mayor’s office. They left.

Atta’ boy Steve. Hope they know that the price has gone up since then.

Current mayor Drew Miller is also in the Steve Bryant mold. He noted in Ms. Murphy’s article, “We don’t approve of ‘Buckhead’ in their name because that is our unique name and we don’t want anybody else to use it. We had it first and we’ve been around longer.” Atta’ boy Drew. Then there was my friend Nancy Brock chiming in for the article and she put it very succinctly, “Buckhead is not for sale.” Atta’ girl Nancy.

Both our Buckhead and the fake one up in Atlanta are purported to have gotten their names when hunters killed large bucks and hung both the head and the names on their locales. It just so happened that Morgan County’s Buckhead name goes back to 1809 while the bogus one in Atlanta dates from 1838 — then they changed it over to Atlanta Heights in the 1890’s before going back to the original designation.

So now they want to steal it from us.

As for the name itself, Buckhead suits our town more than it does the one in Atlanta. I doubt if there has been a buck sighting in a 100 years up there. If by chance there was one, the poor thing was likely in fear of getting hammered by a Lexus on its way to the mall.

They need to get them a name that suits them. I could think up several possibilities that are in sync with their trendy restaurants, chic dress, independent art galleries, nasty traffic or rampant crime. I’m not going to do it here because it might hurt their feelings. Nonetheless they can lay off our Buckhead and get their own name.

Stop the steal.

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