When President Biden gave a (rare) press conference, it used to be entertaining to explore who might be preparing the list of the network news companies for him to call on, lists of what the question would be and lists of Biden’s response to read on his teleprompter. But now, after the debacle in Afghanistan, and after Biden’s mandates on vaccines, it is becoming apparent that Joe Biden is the one in charge.

As Commander in Chief of the Military, Biden negotiated the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan before we withdrew Americans and he made the Taliban responsible for providing security at the airport. It appears that Americans left behind by the withdrawal are being held hostage by the Taliban. His hurried withdrawal also gave the Taliban a gift of $90 billion in weapons. It appears that China and Russia are moving in to the vacuum of our departure.

Biden bragged that one of our drones had killed ISIS militants. But now, the New York Times reports, “The last missile fired by the United States Military in the 20-year war in Afghanistan struck only an innocent Afghan man and his family in Kabul— not ISIS militants. The blast killed ten members of the extended family of a civilian aid worker, Zemari Ahmadi, three of his children, and six children in his extended family including a 2-year-old-and two 3-year-old girls.”

Last Thursday, President Biden signed an executive order compelling all federal employees to get vaccinated — with no exemptions. He ordered all businesses with more than 100 employees to require their workers to be immunized or face weekly testing. Biden also said that he would require most healthcare facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid funding to vaccinate their employees.

An immediate reaction to Biden’s orders are the Lewis County General Hospital in upstate New York that will stop delivering babies later this month. Six maternity staff members have quit because of the requirement that they be vaccinated and seven others could also decide to leave.

It is interesting to see what government employees are exempt from the vaccine requirements.

Vaccine mandates for federal employees don’t apply to members of Congress, their staff or those who work for Congress or the federal court system. (Does this mean the ones prosecuting those that violate vaccine mandates are themselves exempt from the mandates?) For some reason, post office employees are also exempt. It is also possible that members of some labor unions might become exempt.

Of course, illegal aliens crossing our southern border do not have to be vaccinated and it appears that the hundreds of thousands Afghanistan refugees coming to our country also do not have to be vaccinated. It also appears that Afghan refugees can simply walk away from military bases whenever they want to without even giving out their names.

For those wondering how we have fallen into catastrophic failures everywhere? The answer seems to be that Joe Biden is actually in charge and is running (ruining?) the country with mandates and executive orders.

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