Twentynine Palms is a name often used for The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. The Combat Center covers more than 1,000 square miles of the Mojave Desert, which makes it larger than some small countries.

A few decades ago, I spent two weeks at Twentynine Palms testing a laser guidance system. The low humidity desert was a great place to perform tests with a laser positioned up to two miles away.

So what is the shocking news from Twentynine Palms? To see the shocking news, you need to go to the Daily Mail (UK) to read their headline story posted by Henry Martin. “Trounced on Home Turf: British Royal Marine commandos force US Marines into humiliating surrender halfway through a five-day war training exercise in Mojave Desert.”

The Daily Mail brags that the Royal Marines, along with allied forces from Canada, the Netherlands and the UAE, destroyed or rendered inoperable nearly every US asset and finished the exercise holding more than 65 percent of the training area, after beginning with less than 20 percent. The exercise was conducted using paintball-style training ammunition and live ammo on expansive ranges.

The Marines’ “kill board,” which assesses damage done to enemy assets, had a tick against nearly all American assets at one point, meaning it had been rendered inoperable or destroyed. It appears that our Marines were hopelessly out classed and lost the war two days into a five-day training exercise. I think the British should ask for their money back to cover their cost to train against such a weak opponent, our “woke” US Marines.

A July 15 New York Post story by Samuel Chamberlain quotes Representative Dan Crenshaw from Texas who said, “America’s military leaders are creating a national security crisis by prioritizing woke training over actual war fighting. It’s what we constantly hear from service members…It’s a threat to national security.”

Our “woke” problems are not limited to the Marines; Sean Hannity recently interviewed three woman who resigned from West Point. Hannity had expected to hear that they resigned due to mandatory vaccinations, but was surprised to learn that all three had decided on military careers early in life, but resigned due to mandatory Critical Race Theory classes.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has launched countless lawsuits against Critical Race Theory and he pointed out that CRT is now being taught at West Point, “Where our rising generation of leaders for the Army go to train,” Fitton explained, “they want to brainwash our incoming Army officers.”

Since President Biden is begging OPEC to increase oil production to make up for his cuts, maybe he should also beg the British Royal Marines to come and save our behinds if we are attacked.


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Greetings from the Mojave Desert! Twentynine Palms is a city, not a Marine base, but it is where MCAGCC is located. That you spent two weeks at MCAGCC and didn't realize that Twentynine Palms is a city, says everything one needs to know about your reliability as a source of information.

I'm a desert-based journalist who has been working here in the Mojave for the past 21 years. I wanted to thank you for just about the worst attempt at writing about our area that I've seen in more than two decades. Even worse than the hipster novelist that the NY Times fawned all over.

Without any details on why exactly the Marines may have "lost" to the Royal Marines in the training exercise, you attempt to link it to "woke" culture. That is hilarious. You clearly are no expert on the Marines and their training, and obviously did zero research into their training, but just read a Daily Mail story, listened to some unrelated right-wing propaganda, and then concluded that "woke" training with the Marines somehow led to this training exercise defeat.

If you think that the Marines are all "woke" you are hopelessly addled. They do, however, keep us awake on occasions by blasting targets across the desert with their woke 155mm howitzers, tanks, and on really special occasions, bombs dropped from air support. We have cracks in our walls to prove it.

How CRT at West Point (Army) enters into making the Marines "weak" is a bit of a mystery, only explained by the fact that the author of this story has an obvious agenda, and it has little to do with telling the truth about anything.

The Marines, if you knew anything about them you'd know this, are beginning to transition roles back to a 21st century interpretation of what their original function was - a lighter, nimble response force for amphibious landings and rapid insertions. I wouldn't want to find myself facing their "woke" presence as an enemy. But it's easy to sit and babble nonsense like this story when you don't bring any real knowledge to it.

The shocking news is really from your paper, which clearly has much still to learn about journalism - and the Marines.


Completely and totally agreed. Thanks for setting the record straight about our Marines and our community.

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