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When I was in the second grade, a new boy moved in down the street from me.

Quickly we found out that we had the same birthday (Jan. 29), he’s just a year older. We were best friend growing up together in Decatur. Church, paper routes, bicycles, Halloween, movies on Saturday morning, spent the night at each other’s house, etc. Just everything two little boys could do in the 50s and 60s in downtown Decatur.

He sent me a copy of the retirement piece you wrote about him. I’m 71 and have known lots of people in my life. He’s one of the most decent persons I’ve ever known and feel blessed to have him and Vickie in my life.

We meet for lunch about once a month (April 1 at Farmview is the next date), and sit and talk for hours. It’s like we are still 10 years old.

Thanks so much for the write up as I’m sure it meant a lot to him. And he’ll always be “Jimmy” to me.

Freddy Bailey,



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