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January is the time for new beginnings and this year will likely prove to be exciting and historical.

Exciting because the way we live and work is changing rapidly, and so are our perceptions of who is responsible for the lives of adults and children. The effects of widespread disease and drug and alcohol addiction, and unparalleled prosperity, poverty, and lack of trust are stirring the pot of uncertainty in how to deal with each other. The effects of uncertainty on our society are being reflected in the suicides and violence and lack of concern for others.

The elections this year will determine our future way of life. It is my prayer that everyone will abandon the loyal political party nonsense and become independent, voting for the person who is best qualified from whatever party. It is the smart way to vote.

It is stupid to elect hacks and power-hungry politicians to determine our future when it is their future they are really concerned with.

The big issue for every voter should be how you feel about the present government control of your life as exhibited during this pandemic. How about government control of what is taught your children? Isn’t that your responsibility?

Our constitution is based on informed citizens controlling the government and it worked. It made us the greatest, wealthiest, and only multi-race governed country in history. Our individual rights made us strong. We have been the envy of the world until now.

Are we perfect? No one is perfect. We came closer than anyone else. And we were trying to correct the imperfections. Certainly Socialism, Communism, and dictatorships don’t come close and can never quell the human spirit for too long. Those type governments choke their people to mediocrity, where none can succeed except the government elite who are above the law. This is a fact and fully recorded in centuries of history. Learn the truth.

Our government is governing us with our own money. They want control of you and your children. The question is: Are you going to keep on letting them tell you what you have to do? Keep on luring you to do their bidding with your own money they call grants?

Send a message to all elected officials or wannabees this year while you still have control: We hired you. We can fire you.

Learn the facts and vote. That is freedom.

L. O. Cox, Jr.,



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