On Sept. 25, on Marietta Street in the city of Powder Springs, a mural entitled “Just Be Kind” was publicly unveiled.

The inspiration originated with photographer Liz Williams’ 2020 photoshoot featuring children of various ages, race, and ethnicity simply playing together and, in so doing, displaying acceptance and compassion for one another.

Ms. Williams, recognizing 2020 as a time of divisiveness among peoples, was looking for a vehicle to personify unity as the spirit of the city. She collaborated with artist Gerald Byrd who, borrowing from her photographic images, then illustrated the mural’s essential theme of oneness.

Both Ms. Williams and Mr. Byrd agree that the “equality, love, understanding and acceptance” demonstrated in the kids’ interactions originated from a purity of heart that allowed for regarding one another as being the same.

Even though we may not be readily inclined to travel to Powder Springs to visit the inspirational mural to contemplate its message of becoming better, we can choose to locate a quiet spot absent of distractions and satisfy our souls’ innate need to commune with the Almighty and reflect on the oneness that binds us and on kindness as our saving grace.

Peter Wibell,



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