A wonderful reminder of what we’ve got in Madison occurred to me this past beautiful fall Saturday.

I had planned to do some long put off gardening, but was reminded that the Marie Bass Martin Tot Lot on Whitehall St was being dedicated and I should go.

As so often happens at events like these, once there I met friends old and new, and quickly burned through two hours catching up with folks not seen in person for a long time (or ever before), now in a safe, mask-less, outside setting and Fun Zone.

To hear Mayor Fred Perriman and others remember the amazing Ms. Martin and the impact she’s had on our community was moving, and so great to see Council members Carrie Peters-Reid, Joyce, and Ed Latham there, as well as City Manager David Nunn.

Pulling myself away, I drove by the new Fifth Street Community Garden site that Sally Fowler and her crew have been optimistically and steadily bringing into reality overcoming the endless stream of hurdles such an endeavor always fosters.

Then I had to stop by the Church of the Advent’s Parish House for the winding down estate sale of the late Bunny Lawton’s treasures, where I ran into more folks with whom to visit.

And finally over to the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center for their de-accessioning sale of treasures, again encountering a fun mix of friends old and new, where I blithely thought I would drop in as a show of support.

Unfortunately I got snagged hook, line, and sinker by the 50 percent off closeout sale and those clever trustees working it, so had to get Richard and the truck making several trips to get our booty home.

The whole day brought home again what a neat community we are in, and the many, many opportunities available to volunteer time and talents, whether civic or non-profit, and to meet your neighbors, old and new, that has always been an essential part of creating our Madison.

See you around.

Rick Crown,



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