When 2021 began, the US was energy independent, the inflation rate was 1.4 percent, our Southern Border was secure and the border wall was near completion. In Afghanistan, the US had a plan to withdraw our troops and their $80 Billion in equipment and to keep troops at Bagram Air Base. Our supply chain was in good shape and shelves were full.

In 2021, after President Biden shut down the Keystone pipe line, expected to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Canada to US refineries, the US is no longer energy independent and our president is begging OPEC and Russia to increase oil production and they refuse to do so. The price of gasoline has subsequently increased from less than $2 a gallon to up to $5 a gallon.

Deficit spending by Democrat controlled Congress in 2021 has caused our inflation rate to leap from 1.4 percent to make its biggest one-year jump seen in 30 years. The official rate is 6.8 percent, but food prices are surging at a much higher rate. The USDA reports that the price of chicken breasts have doubled and beef prices are up over 20 percent.

In 2021, after Biden deleted Trump’s requirement that immigrants at our southern border stay in Mexico, a record 1.7 million migrants from around the world were encountered trying to illegally enter the United States, capping a year of chaos at the southern border. This is the highest number of illegal crossings ever recorded.

The Biden administration is taking plane loads of underage and unvaccinated migrants and secretly flying them into airports in the dead of night to resettle them across the country. Governors are fighting back and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is proposing an $8 million budget allocation to take illegal aliens transported to the Sunshine State and ship them elsewhere…Martha’s Vineyard and Delaware, for example.

We had no problems with our supply chain last year. But in 2021 we saw 100 ships at anchor off the coast of California waiting to unload their cargo, and at the same time we were seeing empty shelves in stores.

We also learned that our Secretary of Transportation, Steve Buttigieg, was at home for two months on maternity leave while the backlog was happening. His advice about empty shelves was to do your Christmas shopping early.

The Washington Post went a step further and published a story in October calling on “spoiled” Americans to stop ranting about short-staffed businesses and supply chain issues, and instead “lower their expectations in the hope that things will get straightened out.”

On Oct. 13, in another Washington Post story; Biden announced that the Port of LA will operate 24 hours a day seven days a week in an effort to ease cargo backlog. However, the Dec 22, 2021 issue of the UK Daily Mail reports: “Cargo ship bottleneck off LA coast is STILL at all-time high — with nearly 100 ships waiting to berth — despite port officials claiming number had HALVED.”

I don’t know about you, but I trust the UK Daily Mail much more than I trust the Washington Post. So it seems that we have chaos and incompetence as the best descriptors of our supply chain and empty shelves problem.

Our withdrawal from Afghanistan exemplifies chaos, failure and incompetence. It has weakened our country with both friends and adversaries. The terrifying news is that Biden has three more years before the next election. By the way, the “dreaded Omnicom Variant” has symptoms of a common cold and WHO reports that zero deaths have been recorded.


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