We are in a stupidity pandemic. Biden is not stupid. We are. He depended on Trump’s vaccines to get everyone vaccinated by summer like he promised. They refused. So, he mandates vaccination which is illegal and blames the Supreme Court for not letting him solve the vaccination problem. He then gets to pack the Supreme Court with his judges. Smart. Like Afghanistan, everything is someone else’s fault. He is mocking us.

But, about vaccination, everyone that has had the opportunity to get vaccinated has not done it. Why not? Maybe they are like my son. My son is maybe the best example of the problem and the solution. He is mid 60s and a former fireman. Because of being in fires and encountering toxic gases, plus smoking, he has emphysema and heart problems. He has refused to get vaccinated because of this, no trust in media/Fauci information, and because he strongly rejects Biden using mandates to do it. After consulting his doctor, he got the shot and felt bad for a couple of days. Maybe the arguments we gave him will convince others to get vaccinated.

Fact: Viruses are easily transmitted.

Fact: New viruses are on the way. It is 100 percent true that sometime soon everyone will encounter a virus.

Fact: Vulnerable people mostly die without the vaccination. The doctor told him that for him in his vulnerable condition, he would take a one-way trip through the hospital to the grave.

Fact: Moderna vaccine has a history of 90 percent effectiveness in avoiding death and reducing the problems if contracted. Great odds! Blood pressure medicines only give a reduction in heart attack possibilities, but we take it.

Fact: You need to be smarter than Biden. Go ahead and get vaccinated! Live to deal with him later.

Finally, there is a truth no one wants to face: Everybody has a different chemical factory called a body and therefore we each react differently to medicine. There are no 100 percent guarantees the vaccines will work for your chemical factory. But vaccines, just like blood pressure pills, offer a better chance of surviving intact.

Make your decision. A 100 percent chance of encountering a virus, likely dying or weeks of hospital treatment without vaccination, versus 90 percent chance of living with two or three days of feeling bad. Getting vaccinated is a no brainer. Don’t be stupid. Get smart. Get vaccinated.

L. O. Cox, Jr.


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