Over the last couple of weeks, the Atlanta Braves have been in the center of our social media feeds, the headlines of our newspapers, and the middle of our television screens. Making it to the world series is a pretty big deal, but winning?!

So how did they do it? Accomplishing the 2021 World Series win takes heart, talent, hard work, a little luck, and agriculture.

A sports stadium is a culmination of a variety of agricultural food and fiber products. Popcorn, hotdogs, burgers, chicken strips, ketchup, ice cream, nacho cheese, sod, uniforms, gloves, toilet paper, and most importantly… the ball.

It’s no secret that the ball is the center of the game. But what’s at the center of a baseball? The baseball itself has several ties back to agriculture.

A major league baseball has a cushion corked center called a “pill.” The pill is wrapped tightly in windings of polyester/cotton yarn and wool. Once the interior of the baseball is finished, it is covered by hand stitched cow hide. It is important for each baseball to be uniform to maintain consistency for the players and the game. The size, shape, and weight are heavily monitored to MLB standards and guidelines.

The heart of the game is in the players and the baseball. At the heart of the baseball is agriculture. If you enjoy watching baseball or any other sports, don’t forget agriculture is involved and to thank a farmer for their contribution. Down to the core, the Braves couldn’t have won without a sheep, a cow, and some cotton. Go Braves and Go Dawgs!


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