In the past six months there have been some major changes in the zoning ordinances in Morgan County that have affected family farms in a big way. If some of your property doesn’t connect to a county road then you can’t sell that property or let a family member build on your property that’s not connected to a county road.

My 15 acres are in the back of our farm on Apalachee Road and goes out of conservation on December 31, 2021. I had planned to sell some of my acreage to my niece to build a small house and barn so she could have a horse but I was told I couldn’t sell her any land because it was landlocked. The only way I could sell her some land was to build a county approved paved road from Craig Lane to my 15 acres. The road would cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Craig Lane is a county maintained gravel road connected to our gravel road that leads to my 15 acres where my house is. We have been using this road for over 25 years.

Our family farm was started as a dairy farm in 1946 after my father-in-law came home from World War II, seventy-five years ago. My father-in-law, Harold Gilbert died at age 83 and was still working on the farm.

Our county commissioners need to revisit these county ordinances and grandfather in family farms that have been here for decades.

The family farms are the backbone of this county and their taxes have helped fund the hospital, schools, and other projects approved by the commissioners. Family farmers were not informed of these proposed changes. Why wasn’t a letter sent out to let them know so they could let their commissioners know their concerns. Contact your commissioner and let him know how you feel.

Mary Alice Gilbert


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