After watching Biden’s staggering failure in his handling of Afghanistan and his repeated blunders, it is easy to attribute it all to failure or severe incompetence. Maybe but don’t be fooled.

Behind the blunders is a radical and strategic plan by Biden and his leftist handlers to push our country to socialism.

Look no further than Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate on businesses with over 100 employees. Not only does it stand to intensify the labor shortage, it sets a dangerous, and likely intentional, precedent to allow the federal government to take even more control over our businesses and our individual lives. It’s not American – it’s authoritarian.

Now, Biden and Pelosi are attempting to force a $3.5 trillion cradle-to-grave spending plan that will likely only lead to the most extravagant expansion of government dependency in history. Add to that crippling tax increases to seize more money from our families and businesses that stand to halt economic growth and destroy jobs. Mix that with ever-increasing inflation, it seems like a good formula for socialism to me.

Failure or not – Biden’s agenda is dangerous and will lead to an America we won’t recognize, and that I do not want to imagine.

Wendell McNeal,



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