The signs are everywhere: “We are hiring.” Restaurants and motels can’t get help. Manufacturing and trucking companies can’t get help and that means supplies don’t get there, which means your toilet paper is going to be in short supply again.

The Do-good Democrat government has in effect forced the minimum wage to $15 per hour and above (with signing bonuses) by providing better unemployment benefits than workers could get on the job. Businesses cannot compete with the generous gifts of the government who tax you to get it.

Restaurant prices have risen, and their business is declining for lack of help. This is inflation where the product is the same or less, but cost goes up. Higher prices on products means consumers will cut back on spending and the economy noses downward. It hurts the lower and middle class segments the most. They must spend most or all their income to survive, but the rich can just cut back on spending. Is it fair that employed people support the people who do not care to work? Sorry!

Now when businesses cut back on service and the public cuts back on using the service, the unemployed workers will not have jobs or money when the unemployment benefits stop. This means they are now welfare candidates and dependent on the government to support them. This was the plan all along.

The Do-good Democrat government wants you to be dependent on them to solve your problems from cradle to grave. And too many people now expect the government to solve all their problems. I have never seen the government give money away that they did not want to control how the money is to be spent, or in the case of education, what is going to be taught your children. Be assured Biden, Harris, and Pelosi want to control you. Witness the mask mandates from Biden’s mouth. Just the beginning.

Democrats Biden, Harris, and Pelosi have you in a trap. And they are trying to close the trap by changing the voter laws so there is no way back; by allowing over a quarter million illegal aliens into our country without testing them for disease; by secretly dumping alien children into our cities in the middle of the night; and by passing an unaffordable $3.2 trillion infrastructure bill mostly to give community grants. Biden’s Afghanistan plan is working too; more immigrants; less allies.

L. O. Cox, Jr.,


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