Driving around Morgan County lately, I have been seeing a number of large red signs posted on the side of the road which proclaim “Trump Won Georgia.”

In small print near the bottom, the signs also recommend that we vote for a particular candidate for the Georgia legislature. Something about this just feels wrong.

If Trump did indeed “Win Georgia” last November, why did the former President feel the need to call Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger three different times after the election results were announced, asking him to help find enough votes for Trump to overturn the election result (Biden won Georgia)?

And yes, I am sure that the former President made those calls, because Secretary Raffensperger recorded the third telephone plea for help. When we all woke up the next morning, everyone with a radio tuned to the Georgia Public radio station was confronted with the familiar voice of the former President saying, “I need you to find 11,000 more votes for me so we can overturn the election result down there.”

The former President went on to explain how easy it would be to get those needed votes. “You find some dead people...” he said, apparently assuming the Secretary Raffensperger was familiar with the election processes in New York City and Chicago which are often used to insure that the correct candidate wins.

I just hope that kind of big city influence stays away from us.

Tom Potter,



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