In their book “Generations” published in 1991, Strauss and Howe say that our history consists of four generations that repeat in 80-year cycles.

The four generations consist of people born in a roughly 20-year period. Each cycle ends in a huge crisis that repeats every 80 years. For example, we had the Revolutionary War in 1780, the Civil War 80 years later in 1860, and World War II in 1940. We can expect the next crisis in 2020.

The first generation in each cycle is a dominant Idealist Generation.

That generation is followed by a Reactive Generation.

Then we have the dominant Civic Generation.

The last generation in the cycle is the recessive Adaptive Generation

Our nation has completed the Great Power Cycle which began in 1860 and lasted through 1942. The four generations were called the Missionary, the Lost, The G.I., and the Silent. The Missionary Generation got us into the great depression and World War II and the G.I Generation won the war and took us to the moon. Tom Brokaw called the G.I. Generation “Our Greatest Generation.”

We are currently in the Millennial Cycle where the Idealist Generation was born 1943-1960. That puts Barack Obama among the youngest and Joe Biden as one of the oldest members of the idealist Boomer Generation. A large portion of our congress are also members, which includes Bill and Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and Elizabeth Warren.

So what is the huge crisis we will see around 2020? It appears that the crisis was precipitated by the election of a cognitively impaired person to be president of the United States; who ignores the US Constitution and Congress to govern by Executive Order and as Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.

The crisis has been growing and accelerating. Since the election, our southern border has become wide open chaos, we have lost our energy independence, our inflation rate is over five percent and growing, our military leaders spend more time on critical race theory than on defense preparations, and the US has been humiliated in Afghanistan.

Our British allies in Afghanistan are using their military troops to escort British citizens to the airport while US troops are ordered to sit on their hands. Senior British politicians have criticized Joe Biden for his defense of withdrawing US forces from Afghanistan calling it a “catastrophic error of judgment.”

The chaos in Afghanistan is not over. We left $80 billion in weapons there for the taking. Reuter’s reports “Planes, guns, night-vision goggles: The Taliban’s new U.S.-made war chest.”

We still have thousands of Americans there who have no way to get to the airport. Some who tried were beaten and their US passports taken from them.

While Tom Brokaw called the GI Generation “Our Greatest Generation,” it appears that the Boomer Generation may earn the title of “Our Worst Generation.”

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Seriously Freddo, According to your argument, only people who are your political enemies were born from 1943-1960. This a logical fallacy that even you know is absurd. Talk about cherry picking the data here. Actually I should thank you because it is a mistake in logic that is so obvious and so glaring that it must be taken into account in reading ALL of your diatribes I call the "What did Fred read on the interwebs today" column.

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