For nearly two decades Antique Sweets has been a wonderful dreamland of delicious sweet treats, especially its flagship chocolate offerings.

As soon as you enter the store you are greeted with warm smiles from the proprietor and staff. Septuagenarians are just as giddy as seven-year-olds when they peruse the scores of scrumptious offerings.

Madison has been blessed to have this wonderful store and delightful family that has given our community so much happiness.

There are 537, cities, towns and to use an English term, villages in Georgia. There are only a handful of stores like Antique Sweets. If Madison is a Golden Crown, Antique Sweets is one of its finest jewels. That last sentence may come off as a little hyperbolic, but it isn’t.

Now we come to the “tense modification” portion of this Letter to the Editor. We must now use a different verb when talking about Antique Sweets. When we talk about family, hard work, quality, caring, tasty, fun, etc., we must now use “was:” Because the store is gone. Closed. Why? Because someone says that chocolate and candies “are not part of the long term plans for the building.” Fair enough, business is business and it’s a free country. No law broken.

But, what about civic pride, what about the thousands of people who enjoy this wonderful store? They can’t go somewhere else because there is no “anywhere” else. What about the visitors who return to Madison and find one of their favorite stops closed. Madison doesn’t need another place to buy a beer or get a sandwich. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to open one. The more the merrier. If one doesn’t “make it,” that’s business.

These few words are not one man’s grousing, I’ve just strung together scores of comments which I’ve heard over the past week. Everyone hopes that things will fall into place for the Alligoods and that soon we will be able to enjoy their wonderful fare.

Bill Scholly,



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