Having been involved with the military (active, reserve, and civilian) many years, I have participated in many different operations and exercises. In practically every case, the end of the event would involve an “After Action” report.

The purpose of the report would be to examine the “Good, Bad, and Ugly” so as to learn and to prevent a recurrence of the Bad and Ugly. Having been on the receiving end of these reports, I can say it’s not pleasant to hear the news that you could have done better or avoided disaster.

I can guarantee you that the various agencies involved in the January 6th assault on the Capitol will be examining their actions and taking measures to prevent similar failures in the future.

Unfortunately, our Congress is unwilling to hear the bad news and prefers to “move on.” In other words, forget about it. Failing to identify issues, assign responsibility, and implement corrective measures will almost certainly ensure that history will repeat itself.

A considerable portion of our population wants to downplay January 6th. This was a serious attempt to thwart Democracy (not a tourist event) from within and needs a thorough examination. Congress is the proper vehicle for this examination and it should have the integrity to let the chips fall where they might.

Bob Baldwin,


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