May 21, 1937 – January 19, 2021

Joseph Reynolds of Bostwick, GA, passed away on January 19, 2021.

Joseph is preceded in death by his parents Joseph DeWitt Reynolds and Eloise Wootan; grandparents John DeWitt Reynolds and Laura Lillian “Lillie” Donaldson, and Berry Morgan Wootan and LennieLaRue Kitchens; and a son Wade Morgan Reynolds.  He is survived by his loving wife Becky Reynolds; children Matt (Lyna) Reynolds, Gordon (Karen) Reynolds, and Laura (Wesley) Reynolds Rolader; grandchildren Chad Reynolds, Kyle Reynolds, Brittany Reynolds, Ben Reynolds, Will Reynolds, and Amber Rolader Peppers; and great grandchild Spencer Glenn.

Joseph worked as an Insulator, Manager, and Environmental Consultant.  He was also a deacon in the Baptist Church, and a man of great faith and spirituality.  Joseph was a scrimshander, a knife maker, and a watercolor artist.  He valued things old and handmade, and quality craftsmanship.  He was a founding member of the Gwinnett County Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, Hunter, fisherman, and a Conservationist.

He was an ethical outdoorsman and taught his children and friends traditional skills in camping, fishing, and hunting. He was and expert waterfowl hunter and loved to shoot sporting clays.  He was a talented musician, he played the mountain dulcimer with his  group “Keepers of the Sound”, preserving traditional Appalachian folk music to the delight of many at performances around the South. Joseph was also a founding member of Morgan County Curling Society

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