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Alison Jones made allegations months before the death of her 7-year-old son

By Patrick Yost

Staff Writer

Five months before she allegedly shot and killed her 7-year-old son after a night of arguing with her spouse, murder suspect Alison Jones accused her husband of being a killer, according to law enforcement officials.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office documents state Jones came to the sheriff’s office on Oct. 6 and spoke with a deputy, making an allegation that her husband, Douglas Jones, was a notorious national murderer who had been featured in several YouTube videos.

“Mrs. Jones advised that she had been consuming a lot of information in reference to the … murders that now has her convinced that her husband was the murderer…” the report reads.

According to Capt. Keith Howard, the deputy interviewed Alison Jones after she came to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. The interview was recorded, he said, and the information was sent to the appropriate law enforcement agencies in the state in question for their review. However, in the deputy’s incident report, he cast doubt that her allegations had substance.

“I advised Mrs. Jones I would take a realistic approach to the incident watching the YouTube episodes to find a correlation in what she was stating to me. Mrs. Jones continued to state she wasn’t crazy but she knows her husband was the … murderer. I was able to locate a sketch of what the … murderer could look like but saw no resemblance to that of her husband. In conclusion I feel as though Mrs. Jones could have consumed so much of the content, that she has forced herself to parallel the findings in the case to that of her spouse.”

The sheriff’s department shared information about the suspect’s interview with the Morgan County Citizen on the condition the newspaper would not publish details of the murder the suspect referenced.

The unsolved murders took place years ago at a location several hundred miles away.

Alison Jones was arrested by Morgan County authorities on Monday, March 1, after she allegedly shot and killed 7-year-old, Maddox Jones, while Maddox was in his bed. The shooting occurred at the Jones’ Riverwalk Road residence at approximately 7:20 a.m. Douglas Jones called Morgan County Dispatch and allegedly told dispatchers that his wife had “shot their son and was assaulting him.”

Both Alison and Douglas Jones were transported to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, where they were interviewed and Alison Jones was then arrested and charged with murder, felony murder and aggravated assault in the death of Maddox Jones.

At the time of the shooting, authorities said, Douglas Jones told them after he heard a shot he went to Maddox’s room where Alison had spent the night, and Alison allegedly tried to shoot him.

In Alison’s October interview, she told authorities she felt her “husband could be tracking her whereabouts” and felt like “her husband could have connections with law enforcement.”

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