441 widening Seven Islands Road

Three lanes are moving to two on US 441 throughout the reconstruction of a section of road on either side of Seven Islands Road. Speeds are also dropping to 45 mph in the work zone.

The $39 million dollar Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) widening of U.S. 441 project from Putnam County to Morgan County’s Pierce Dairy Road continues with the GDOT announcing last week that the right hand passing lanes north and south of Seven Islands Road have been eradicated.

According to a GDOT press release, the lane reduction will remain until the project, which will create a four lane highway the entire 8 mile stretch from Putnam County to inside the Madison city limits. Construction on the project continues, the release says, and pavement from the passing lanes has been removed.

Posted speed limits in the work area have dropped to 45 mph, the GDOT says. The GDOT is urging motorist driving through this construction are to “expect the unexpected.”

“It can make the difference between life and death. Pay attention, slow down and watch for workers,” the release states.

The construction is part of a larger, $100 million plan to widen U.S. 441 to a four lane highway from Putnam County, through Morgan County and into Oconee County. The Morgan County stretch, according to the GDOT, accounts for the single largest expenditure on the project. Work on the Morgan to Oconee County stretch is expected to begin in the Spring of 2023.

The project is all part of a plan 20 years in the making, says GDOT’s Kyle Collins. “It comes down to the Governor’s Road Improvement Program… it’s a commitment to connect rural areas that have a lot of two-lane highways for better safety, traffic operations, economic developments, and to help trucks freight about.”

“Majority of that corridor is on 441. There are a lot of roads… that are all a part of construction. there’s something going on in Oconee, Morgan, Putnam, on the south side towards Dublin that are really the last pieces to widen 441 from North to South from two lanes to four lanes. So, it’s just an ongoing commitment that needs to be delivered.”

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