Last week, Madison Mayor and two council members were sworn in, pledging to serve the best interests of the City of Madison.

Madison Mayor Fred Perriman will serve out a third term in office, while Councilman Eric Joyce begins his second term, and newcomer Betsy Wagenhauser begins her first term.

“I’m honored and excited to join this great group of council members and mayor in helping lead our town forward in a way that preserves that which makes Madison exceptional,” said Wagenhauser after being sworn in to represent Madison’s District 5.

“This year is going to be especially important as the city council looks to hire a new city manager and, in the longer term, sets the course for how Madison handles the impact of county-wide growth and development. I want to build on the valuable contributions made by my predecessor, Chris Hodges, over the past eight years and hopefully become a worthy asset to District 5 and the city as a whole.”

Councilman Eric Joyce is looking forward to serving another term, vowing to do right by the citizens of Madison.

“I am very honored to have been given the opportunity to serve the citizens of Madison’s District 2 for another term on our city Council,” said Joyce after the November election.

“It is a responsibility I take very seriously, and I promise to continue to do my utmost to represent our constituents to the best of my ability. I congratulate Mayor Fred Perriman as he receives another term in office, and I welcome Betsy Wagenhauser to our Council. Challenges remain, but the opportunities are great, and our path is indeed forward.”

Perriman will continue to strive for the One Morgan ideal in the community, being a voice for compromise and progress.

“I am grateful the city still has confidence in me to be the mayor,” said Perriman. “We will continue to move forward as we have in the past and continue to make Madison the city that all of us desire it to be.”


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