Stacy Chapman

Stacy Chapman has been named the permanent principal of Morgan County Primary School.

Stacy Chapman, who has been serving as principal at Morgan County Primary School, has been chosen to continue the role permanently. The Morgan County Charter School System announced the decision last week.

“I am just honored and grateful and so excited to serve a community that has given so much to me and my family,” said Chapman.

Chapman stepped into the role as interim principal last July, after former principal, James Wyatt, left. Chapman made such a positive impression upon the school system, leaders decided to keep her on permanently.

“With the support of the Morgan County Charter School System Board of Education and the Primary School Governance Team, we are excited to announce that Mrs. Stacy Chapman will become the official principal of the Primary School. She has been serving as the interim principal since the beginning of school,” said a statement from the school system.

“There is no doubt she has the heart and passion for the primary school,” said Superintendent Dr. Virgil Cole. “We believe this move will provide the stability and leadership this school needs.”

Chapman has spent her entire life learning in Morgan County Schools and then returning to invest back into her childhood community.

“Mrs. Chapman is a proud graduate of Morgan County Schools and has served as a teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal at Morgan County Primary School. Her love and passion for the children and staff of MCPS are evident in her actions throughout the community, and she has invested her entire career into the school which nurtured her as a child,” said a statement from the school system. “We ask for your continued support of Mrs. Chapman, and we believe this move will provide the stability and leadership this school needs.”

Chapman is hoping to use her position to foster a positive environment in which every one can excel to their maximum potential.

“My vision is to build excellence,” said Chapman. “I absolutely and wholeheartedly believe we can build excellence in our students, in our teachers, in our custodians, in our lunchroom workers. We all should strive to be excellent in what we do. That’s what I have in mind for all of us.”


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