A traveling circus stopped in Buckhead last week to perform three shows at Idlewild Equestrian, drawing hundreds of families for a good old-fashioned show, replete with clowns, jugglers, tightrope walkers, flame-throwers, acrobats, tigers and elephants.

The Loomis Brothers Circus, led by Justin Loomis, has been dazzling audiences all across America for nearly 25 years.

“Loomis Brothers Circus began as a childhood dream for Justin Loomis and has now grown to be one of America’s best and most beautiful circuses,” said a rep from the Loomis Brothers Circus. “Now in our 24th year, our show travels throughout the country, concentrating on the southern and central United States and visiting a different city almost every other day! Our show is presented in the traditional circus format, but with a modern twist. We are the only circus in North America to feature Three Rings, Exotic Animals and live music.”

Large crowds attended each of the three circus showings, as children with painted faces rode ponies, ate cotton candy, and stared in awe at performing tigers jumping through flaming hoops and graceful elephants balancing on balls.

“This is a family show,” said Loomis, the singing ringmaster. “My family started this and we have all become a family, the performers and the animals, as we travel the country to entertain.”

According to the Loomis Brothers Circus, “our big show is a traditional style circus, just like you remember as a kid. The sights of superhuman athleticism and animal magnificence, the sounds of our singing ringmaster, the smells of fresh popcorn and cotton candy ….they’re all here. Our International Cast of Performers will have you on the edge of your seat with their amazing skills which include a rotating program of specialty and animal acts from all corners of the globe including Juggling, Dogs, Rolla Bolla, Unicycles, Motorcycle Daredevils, Aerialists, and Elephants...Loomis Bros. Circus will spark your imagination and take you on a magical journey where the impossible becomes reality. It’s good old fashioned family entertainment.”

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