A neighborhood dispute over a missing Pit Bull named “Dixie” allegedly led one man to fire a shot.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Garry Martez Dubose, 27, Athens, was cited for discharging a firearm on Saturday, May 29, at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Reports state that at 10:30 a.m., an officer was dispatched to a Hanover Street residence in regards to a man allegedly threatening a woman and her significant other in relation to Dixie’s disappearance. The man allegedly said a neighbor had told him that after Dixie, a blue Pit Bull, had gone missing the night before, the neighbor had seen a white pickup truck pull into the Hanover Street residence and take the dog.

The woman who lived at the residence told officers that she knew nothing about the dog’s disappearance, the same assertion she said she told the dog’s owner.

However, reports state, the dog’s owner told officers that the woman’s boyfriend “became frustrated” with the dog owner and said, “I done told you I ain’t seen your dog.”

The man said an hour later, he was attempting to leave his Hanover Drive residence and there was a large crowd of people outside the woman’s home. The man alleged he drove the opposite direction to avoid confrontation and Dubose walked toward him with his hands in his pants. The man also alleged that Dubose told him, “You don’t mess with my family.” The man alleged Dubose fired a shot, then the man fled.

A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy stopped a truck in which Dubose was a passenger on Atlanta Highway near Graham Drive and returned Dubose to Hanover Street to speak with the investigating officer. Dubose told the officer he would not speak without his attorney. However, a woman driving the truck in which Dubose was a passenger alleged that the dog owner “was yelling at them and seemed very irate.” She said the man told them, “It’s on at 12 o’clock.” The woman said she attempted to speak to the dog owner calmly to defuse the situation but failed. She alleged the man then “grabbed something” and got into his vehicle and drove behind her as she was leaving with Dubose. The woman said Dubose then exited the vehicle and fired one shot.

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