A new upscale salon is open for business in downtown Madison. Sage + Stone, owned and operated by friend duo Ashleigh Stephens and Amanda Cash Mizell, is a full-service hair salon specializing in high-end, luxury lived-in color and extension services.

The owners gathered with Madison city leaders and members of the Madison-Morgan Chamber of Commerce last Friday for an official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new enterprise.

Stephens and Mizell, both from Conyers, scooped up the space located at 130 West Washington Street once the Fetch House moved to its new location, and completely renovated the exterior and interior, transforming the building into a trendy salon.

“We did it all in a month,” said Stephens. “It was a lot of work, but it came out beautiful.”

According to Stephens and Mizell, the pair worked together to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for their clientele.

“When designing Sage + Stone, we made sure to pay attention to even the smallest of details for the ultimate guest experience. We understand that the shampoo is such a huge part of the experience, and we wanted you to have the feeling of luxury and comfort during your experience with us, so we created a space with your ultimate comfort in mind,” said the owners. “It’s all about the ambiance.”

The building’s brick exterior is now painted a sleek black with tall glass windows pouring natural light into the Bohemian bright white interior.

“The giant picture windows on either side of the front door bring in lots of natural light, and we want to take full advantage of it,” said the owners. “Natural, earthy, modern Boho vibes are what we’re going for. Keeping things light and airy with wood tones, greens and tans for contrast. We specifically asked for the ‘blind your eyes’ shade of white. If neon white is a color….we want that.”

The salon features comfortable chairs with head and foot rests, cozy warm blankets, soft music, dimmable lights, candles, high-end hair products, and the company’s signature scalp scrub and massage service.

Madison Mayor Fred Perriman, who attended Friday’s ribbon cutting for Sage + Stone Salon, said he was impressed with the facility’s look and the owners’ talents.

“Your business is a unique one for Downtown,” said Perriman. “We welcome you to Madison and we know you will have people leaving here looking really good.”

Stephens and Mizell said they chose Madison for its attractive downtown and central location to draw clients from surrounding areas.

“There is a huge market in Madison for hair extensions, as well as in surrounding communities,” said Mizell.

“It just seemed like a good move to come here. We feel like Madison is up and coming,” said Stephens.

For more information, call (706) 438-3111. You can also follow Sage + Stone on Facebook and Instagram.


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