All three of the incumbents running in Rutledge won their races on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Rutledge Mayor Bruce Altznauer beat challenger Allen Smith, earning a total of 125 votes, while Smith Garnered 51 votes.

Altznauer has served as Mayor since 2017 and joined the Rutledge City Council back in 2013. Under his leadership, Altznauer has worked to improve “the city’s infrastructure, particularly water and sewer; creating effective working relationships with other Morgan County cities and with the county; planning for smart growth; and providing quality government services for the citizens of Rutledge.”

Rutledge City Councilman for District 1 Adam Beckstine, who joined the council in 2020, beat challenger Devon Dartnell by just 20 votes. Beckstine received 93 votes while Dartnell earned 73 votes.

Rutledge City Councilwoman for District 3 Brandie Owens defeated challenger Wesley Johnson, earning a total of 123 votes, while Wesley received 51 votes. Owens was first elected to City Council Post 3 in November 2017.

Altznauer, Beckstine, and Owens will all serve another four-year term in the City of Rutledge.

Just 28 percent of Rutledge’s registered voters turned out to cast ballots in the local races. Rutledge has 627 registered voters, but only 176 turned out to vote in the Nov. 2 election.

In Morgan County’s other municipalities, Madison and Bostwick, all candidates ran unopposed, winning their seats by default.

In Madison, Fred Perriman will serve another term as mayor. Councilman Eric Joyce will serve a second term and Betsy Wagenhauser will take over Chris Hodges’ District 5 seat.

In Bostwick, all of the incumbents ran unopposed, including Mayor John Bostwick, Ken Johnson, Lee Nunn, Angie Howard, and Damon Malcom.


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