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Debbie Crowe

Rivian says a lot of things

They are an environmentally friendly green company

Then why are they going to turn 2,000 acres of agricultural land into a monstrous assembly plant - instead of taking the 2,200 or so acres outside savannah?

Wouldn’t using land already zoned with infrastructure be a wiser choice?

And their plant will be covering the water recharge area for all of Rutledge and downstream

Will they be paying for the monthly cost for all of us to get our well water tested?

If wells dry up or become contaminated is Rivian going to pay to run county water to everyone, and pay for all fees and our water bills?

That’s what a “good” neighbor would do

I am so very disgusted at the way this was all secret and kept from residents

Rivian keeps saying how important the community is yet we were not asked if we wanted this nor has Rivian said one word to us

Only to county officials in power

Don’t think we don’t notice this Scaringe

Charles Baldwin

No doubt Rivian just as dishonest and shady as MC Commissioners & jda

Chas Moore

“We are not the kind of company that’s going to come in and invade your space.” Oh really, well, put it on a referendum and let’s vote on it. You all keep doing one thing and saying another. Your VP literally said your originals conceptual plans were paper weights and that is what you tried to give to our zoning departments to approve. Disgusting

Alan Grimsley

Does $20/he equal $56K per year as promised? And next, ask how many JDA members have visited a Rivian plant.

Chas Moore

Alan, looking at the math, (40 hours x $20) equals $56,000 as long as you work all 70 weeks in the year. Makes perfect sense and is par for the course.

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