A woman remains incarcerated at the Morgan County Detention Center after she allegedly shot her boyfriend in the leg during an argument while the couple was driving on Interstate 20.

According to Sgt. Joseph Pritchett, Shannon Redd, 34, of Madison, was arrested while walking westbound on Interstate 20 with her two children, aged 12 and 4. Pritchett said Redd is charged with firing a single shot in her boyfriend’s leg during a domestic argument while the couple was returning to Madison from Greensboro.

Pritchett said authorities were alerted of the shooting at 11 p.m. The boyfriend, Pritchett said, told investigators that while he and Redd were driving westbound an argument, in part, on how long the boyfriend had spent in another woman’s house in Greensboro, erupted. The boyfriend alleged that he was struck by Redd and he pulled the vehicle onto the emergency lane and she pulled a .380 pink Ruger pistol out of a bag on her lap and aimed it at the boyfriend who said he waved at the gun in defense and was shot.

Redd told investigators that during the argument, the boyfriend was allegedly hitting her and she knocked the Chevrolet Tahoe out of gear. She told investigators the boyfriend continued to strike her and she shot him in the right leg once, Pritchett said. The shot entered the man above the knee, Pritchett said. “They were in a domestic situation and the car came to a stop in the emergency lane,” Pritchett said.

Redd and her children left the vehicle and the boyfriend drove himself to Morgan Medical Center where he was treated and released. A Morgan County deputy found Redd and the two children walking westbound up the interstate emergency lane. The deputy waited while a relative arrived and took custody of the children. Redd was then transported to the Morgan County Detention Center.


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Praying for everyone involved in such a horrible event that could have been avoided for the kid’s sake at least.. It’s so sad.

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