A Covington woman allegedly stole the puppy her ex-husband had purchased for the estranged couple’s son and then dumped it in a ditch in front of the man’s house after authorities contacted her and began questioning her regarding the dog.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Tiffany Rae Beam, 29, was arrested on Sunday, July 25, at approximately 9 p.m. after a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy warned her that he had both video and photographic evidence that she had trespassed on her ex-husband’s property on Prospect Road.

The man’s neighbor had notified him while he and his juvenile son were at Taco Bell that he had observed two vehicles, a white and a red Dodge Charger, at the complainant’s property.

The complainant drove home, reports state, and observed both vehicles parked at the Country Store, Bostwick Highway. Beam was standing outside the white vehicle and the man took a picture of both vehicles and Beam. Both vehicles had “Just Married” painted on the back windows. The complainant said he had been estranged from Beam since October and had been officially divorced since June.

The complainant said he had purchased the Red Heeler puppy from a friend for $200 as a gift for his son on April 25. A deputy noted when he arrived at the man’s Prospect Road residence, he observed the photo of Beam and her new husband and their two Dodge Challenger vehicles with “Just Married” painted on the windows at the Country Store. He also observed the four-month old puppy’s enclosure and determined that the dog would not have been able to escape.

A friend of the complainant said he also observed the couple and their two Chargers parked at the parking lot of the Mt. Vernon Church at 4:50 p.m. A neighbor also reported observing the white Charger in the complainant’s driveway and the red Charger parked on the road in front of the complainant’s residence. The neighbor said he got into his vehicle to check on the Chargers and as he approached, both vehicles “took off doing about 100 miles per hour.”

A deputy checked with the Country Store convenience store and obtained video footage of both vehicles and Beam outside her vehicle.

The deputy called Beam, reports state, and she denied being in the area. She told the deputy that she and her husband had spent the day at the Charlie Elliot Center in Mansfield and she had no knowledge of the puppy. The deputy, reports state, told her that he had both photographic and video evidence showing otherwise and Beam allegedly began to tell the deputy that she had shot records for the dog. She then pressed the deputy on custody issues with her son. The deputy said when he attempted to get Beam “back on track” with the theft issue, “she ultimately hung up the phone.”

The complainant, at 9 p.m. called the deputy and reported that Beam was allegedly driving past his house at a high rate of speed. The deputy reported being able to hear vehicle exhaust through the phone. The complainant also said that he had observed Beam throw the dog in a ditch approximately 150 yards from his residence. His son, he said, videotaped the event.

The deputy called for all county units to respond to the area and when he arrived, reports state, Beam was parked at the man’s residence and leaning against her vehicle. She was arrested and placed in the deputies’ patrol vehicle. The deputy reviewed the son’s video and allegedly observed Beam driving past the residence at a high rate of speed, stopping and removing something from the vehicle and dumping something in the ditch. When the son confronted Beam regarding her dumping the puppy in the ditch she allegedly denied knowledge of the act. After the son informed her he had videotaped the event, reports state, Beam stopped talking.

The puppy was returned to the complainant and his son.

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