A long-time Morgan County High School employee turned herself in Friday after being charged with taking more than $37,000 from a school activity fund in the past two years.

According to Capt. Brandon Sellers, Investigations Division, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Susan Beasley, 59, of Madison, turned herself in to authorities Friday around noon and was immediately released on a $37,000 bond.

Sellers said Beasley is accused of one count theft by taking after school officials in January allegedly found discrepancies in several school activity accounts used, in part, to supplement athletic costs, student support and other activities not funded through the school board. The funds, he said, come from several sources including gate fees for athletic events and from profits made from vending machines in the school.

Sellers said the school launched an internal forensic audit of the accounts in January while Beasley was on a two week sick leave and a different employee began monitoring the accounts.

Dr. Virgil Cole, superintendent, Morgan County Charter School System, said in a prepared release that after the system was made aware of possible discrepancies, it completed its audit and then turned the results to an outside firm for confirmation of the results.

“After school staff discovered some financial irregularities last winter, we began an internal audit of our high school activity accounts. Our staff has been working tirelessly through this laborious and time consuming process, and we later engaged an independent accounting firm, Mauldin & Jenkins, to confirm our findings. Based on our investigation, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department was notified. While we will let the legal process play out, it is always very disappointing when a staff member’s alleged conduct results in an arrest, especially when it is someone who is trusted and involves money that is designated for our students. Those that discovered, reported, and conducted this investigation are to be commended.”

Beasley has been employed at the school since 2002, Sellers said. In March, she notified the system that she was going to retire and did.

Sellers said investigators will continue to retroactively search through the accounts to determine if more money is missing. “There is no doubt there is considerably more money missing. We will continue this investigation until we determine how much was taken.”

Beasley is being represented by Madison Attorney Stephen Morris. Morris said he is in the beginning stages of reviewing evidence but is confident Beasley will be proven innocent. “We are looking forward to vindicating her good name at trial,” he said.

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