A domestic violence complaint call on Old Mill Road, in Rutledge, turned tense as a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy and a city of Madison Police Department officer had to approach the residence after learning that the suspect, the night prior had successfully fled vehicle pursuits with authorities in Walton and Newton counties.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Deputy Patrick Carey at 9:25 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 11 was advised that a man was arguing with a woman and that the man possibly was armed.

Carey reported that the suspect, Samuel Broughton, 40, of Covington, was allegedly known to law enforcement and was considered to be armed and dangerous and, reports state, had allegedly made threats against law enforcement in the past. Deputy Carey also learned that Broughton had an active arrest warrant for a probation violation against him from Conyers.

Deputy Carey arrived at the Old Mill Road house with backup from Officer Blake Rowe, city of Madison Police Department and Carey approached the house with his AR-15 rifle. Reports state that Carey opened a side door in an attempt to locate Broughton. He later observed Broughton in the house and pointed the AR-15 at Broughton and demanded that he show his hands and drop to his knees.

Broughton initially was compliant but when Officer Rowe arrived to assist, reports state, Broughton stood up and fled into a back room of the residence. A woman in the residence directed the deputy to search a master bedroom and Broughton was located in the master bedroom, again with his hands in the air. Carey was able to secure Broughton in handcuffs.

A second deputy reported that a search of the bathroom in the master bedroom revealed two plastic bags containing more than 10 pills of suspected Ecstasy.

The woman told authorities that Broughton allegedly abuses her with an open hand to prevent bruising or leaving marks. She also told deputies, reports state, that the night prior Broughton had made repeated calls and text messages to her demanding that she come to Newton County to pick him up. She also told authorities that after Broughton was brought to the residence he “assumed an aggressive stance while speaking to her in a low and threatening voice.”

She also told authorities that Broughton went into the backyard of the residence and was burning the clothes he wore the night before while he was allegedly involved in pursuits in Walton and Newton counties.

Broughton was charged with possession of schedule 1 drugs, tampering with evidence, giving false name or date of birth to law enforcement, simple assault and obstruction of law enforcement.


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