Madison Police Department investigators and agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) are awaiting the results of “multiple” search warrants the law enforcement agencies have issued to various social media companies regarding a fatal shooting that took place at Orchard Grove Apartments on Sunday, Nov. 7.

According to Sgt. Wes Thompson, Madison Police Department, the agencies have secured search warrants for the social media accounts and telephone records of the nine people at the scene of the shooting that resulted in the death of 54-year-old Stacy Mitchell, of Woodville.

Mitchell died in an ambulance enroute to an Athens Hospital the night of the shooting after officers were dispatched to a “shots fired” complaint at 6:10 p.m. at the apartment complex located behind Ingle’s grocery store.

A second man, Cadarious Wright, 20, Madison was also shot during the incident. Wright was treated for a rifle wound to the hand at Piedmont Walton Hospital the night of the shooting, Thompson said.

On Friday, Nov. 13 Justin Nesbitt, 32, Madison was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in the shooting of Wright. Thompson said at the time of Nesbitt’s arrest that authorities believe following the altercation, Nesbitt drove Mitchell to Morgan Medical Center, called for help and then left Mitchell at the hospital.

Thompson said along with the physical evidence collected at the scene of the double shooting, including shell casings for a rifle and a 10mm pistol, authorities are also hoping to receive information from the social media accounts and cell phones of persons at the shooting. Authorities are waiting, he said, on responses from social media and telecommunication companies regarding the search warrants.

Earlier, Thompson said Mitchell was shot “several” times by a 10mm pistol. Witnesses reported hearing a burst of gunfire followed by a second round of gunfire. Two vehicles at the parking lot during the shooting were impounded, too.

He also said that authorities believe Wright and Mitchell and other persons had been involved in a confrontation approximately one month prior to the fatal shooting incident. Thompson said authorities continue to seek the public’s assistance in the shooting, however, he said authorities have encountered “uncooperative witnesses and uncooperative victims.” No weapons were recovered at the scene, Thompson said.


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