On Sept. 12, a suspicious person complaint was filed at a Price Mill Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she saw a pickup truck in her driveway while she was at her neighbor’s house. The woman said she and her neighbor drove to the truck and asked the older man what he was driving. The woman said the man then drove off and she provided a deputy with the truck’s license plate. The deputy made contact with the 75-year-old man who asked if he was at his residence to talk about “those crazy girls at Price Mill Road.” The man alleged that he was driving to Madison for food and stopped on the right-of-way to urinate. The man said after he relieved himself, he climbed back into his truck and began backing out when a vehicle came upon him quickly and forced him off the road. He said a woman then exited the vehicle and came towards him with her arm behind her back as if she was holding a pistol. She then, he said, started yelling at him and he left the property. The woman told the deputy that she wanted to press charges against the man and have him criminally trespassed from her property. The man said he, too, would like to press disorderly conduct charges against the woman and he denies he was ever on her property.

On Sept. 11, an entering auto and theft by taking complaint was filed at a Winsor Creek Way residence. According to reports, a man said between 5:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. someone entered his unsecured truck and took a loaded Taurus .45 handgun and a red and black Milwaukee bag with tools. The man said the gun was valued at $400 and the tools at $900. The deputy noted that he observed a second truck in the subdivision with all four doors open. The owner of that truck was notified and reported that nothing was missing. Footprints led to a third residence whose vehicles were locked and not tampered with. A fourth residence with an unlocked Toyota showed signs that the Toyota was entered but nothing was reported missing. Vehicles locked in the subdivision, reports state, were not tampered with.

On Sept. 11, an entering auto complaint was filed at a Bethany Road residence. According to reports, a man said someone entered a 2018 Ford F250 pickup truck. The man said some assorted change was taken. The man said he locks his truck nightly, however, no forced entry on the vehicle was found.

On Sept. 10, an entering auto, theft by taking and criminal trespass complaint was filed on Interstate 20, eastbound. According to reports, a man said on Sept. 3 he had a flat tire on his Plymouth Voyager. The man said he returned on Sept. 10 to change the tire and noticed that the passenger front window had been shattered. Two Skar 12” speakers, a Skar amplifier, car battery and cooler were taken. In total the items are valued at $650.

On Sept. 10, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Blue Springs Road, Buckhead, residence. According to reports, a man said someone took his .38 double action revolver with a black holster and 50 rounds of mixed ammunition. The man said he suspects his daughter’s boyfriend. The daughter said the boyfriend could have taken the items while she was in the shower.

On Sept. 9, a battery complaint was filed at a Bostwick Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that his grandson had pushed both him and his wife during an argument. The man said he threw a cup of coffee on the grandson to “get him away from him.” The couple said they did not want to press charges, in part, because they would have to raise bond and probation money for the unemployed grandson, but did want him out of the house. The deputy explained the eviction process to the couple and they agreed to start the process. The grandson had left the residence in a green pickup truck, allegedly driving to his other grandparents’ residence.

On Sept. 8, an information report was filed at an Eatonton Road location. At 3:51 a.m., a deputy responded to a report of a side-by-side driving on the roadway. The deputy, reports state, made contact with the vehicle at the Waffle House. Reports state that the deputy had made contact with the driver three times previously after his Volkswagen had broken down on Interstate 20 and another time when he had been left stranded in Hancock County and needed a ride back to his home in Madison. The side-by-side had a flat tire and the man agreed that it should be towed. It was and the man was given a courtesy ride home to his Waterstone Drive residence.

On Sept. 8, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at the west bound Interstate 20 rest area. According to reports, a Georgia Department of Transportation (GADOT) employee reported that someone had broken a window on a Case 1150M bulldozer.

On Sept. 8, a theft by taking and entering automobile complaint was filed at a Riverwalk Road, Bishop, residence. According to reports, a man said someone entered his 2012 Dodge 3500 pickup truck and removed a Ruger P89 9mm pistol. The weapon is valued at $318.

On Sept. 8, an information report was filed at a Fears Road residence. According to reports, a couple said they let their dogs out around 11:15 p.m. and at around 11:30 p.m. her dogs were attacked by their neighbor’s pit bulls. Reports state that the couple called the dogs back in at 11:45 p.m. and only one dog returned. The couple said they searched for the second dog until 3:30 a.m. and then found the missing dog dead under a tree on the neighbor’s property. The neighbor said she let the pit bulls out at 10 a.m. into a fenced area off her front door but in the morning, the dogs were at her back door and had escaped the fenced enclosure. The woman also said she noticed some blood on one of the dog’s faces.

On Sept. 7, a harassment complaint was filed at a Morris road residence. According to reports, a man said a woman who he had a “dating relationship” with that lasted a few months would not leave him alone. The complainant said the woman continues to contact him via text message or Snapchat asking to meet him in person or asking him for money. She also, he said, sent him a picture of one of her despoiled shirts asking if the man wanted the shirt. The man said he was afraid the woman was going to have him charged with sexual assault. He also said she had threatened to broadcast their relationship to his wife but the man said he and his wife had been estranged for a length of time and the woman’s threats were without consequence.

On Sept. 6, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Relax Inn, Athens Highway. According to reports, a man said his girlfriend came to his room “drunk and began screaming at him.” The complainant said he was not sure what prompted her anger and he asked her to leave several times but she refused. She then allegedly reached into his vehicle and broke the turn signal before leaving the property in a red GMC Envoy. The man said on prior occasions the woman had scratched his vehicle with a metal implement. A witness allegedly corroborated the complainant’s explanation of events and mentioned that a couple of months ago the complainant had been arrested for disorderly conduct after an incident with the girlfriend. The complainant said he did not want the girlfriend arrested, in part, because it would hinder their relationship but he did want her to stop damaging his property.

On Sept. 6, an information report was filed at the Swords Boat Ramp, Blue Springs Road. According to reports, a man called Morgan County Dispatch and reported that while he and his wife were on the boat, she received messages from her bank that someone had used her debit and credit cards. The woman said three charges for $200 were made, a $2,384.64 charge was made at Walmart in Madison and a $1,005.18 charge was made at Target in Evans. The woman said she had left her cards in wallet inside the couple’s vehicle at the boat ramp.

On Sept. 2, a dispute report was filed at a Reid’s Ferry and Wood Lane, Buckhead location. According to reports, a truck driver said a man had blocked his truck in, preventing him from delivering lumber to the next location. The man said the offender was a white male in a silver Chevrolet Silverado. The man was wearing a blue and gray striped button down and blue jeans. The complainant said he needed documentation for his boss to explain why he was late to the next job. The complainant said when he advised the suspect that he was calling police, the suspect left. A deputy was able to acquire the suspect’s name via a license tag given him. He searched the area for the suspect and left a message on the suspect’s phone but is still trying to locate the man.

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