On Dec. 5, William Jacop Stumbaugh, 31, no address listed, was arrested and charged with battery. According to reports, a deputy responded to a report of persons fighting at the Pit Stop convenience store, Seven Islands Road. Reports state that the deputy was told that a couple at pump number two at the gas station at the store appeared to be injured. The deputy reported that he observed a woman and man sitting in a Mazda at the pump. The woman had blood on her face and hands, reports state, and told the deputy she had bumped her lip. The deputy spoke with Stumbaugh who allegedly told him that he and the woman were enroute to North Carolina when they stopped for gas and began to argue about money. The man said he became frustrated and threw his phone and it struck the woman in the face. EMS workers arrived and examined the woman.

On Dec. 4, Youssef Layous, 19, Alpharetta, was arrested and charged with reckless driving. According to reports, a deputy allegedly observed Layous driving north on U.S. 441 in a construction zone at approximately 85 mph. Layous also allegedly struck a vehicle at the intersection of U.S. 441 and the eastbound exit ramp of Interstate 20 before accelerating to 95 mph in a 45 mph zone towards the Madison bypass. The deputy executed a stop on the vehicle north of Cox Road on the bypass and Layous was arrested.

On Dec. 3, an information report was filed at the Morgan County Board of Education, East Avenue. According to reports, a deputy stated that a board employee informed the deputy that a woman had parked her vehicle at the board of education parking lot to walk her child to the Morgan County Primary School. As the deputy, who was directing traffic, told the woman not to park at the board parking lot and that she needed to return to the car rider line, the woman allegedly told the deputy that she would not return to the line because she alleged “everyone else was allowed to do this.” The deputy allegedly advised the woman to refrain from her loud arguing or he would be forced to arrest her for disorderly conduct. When the woman left the school the deputy advised her to stop in the parking lot so he could speak with her. The woman allegedly told the deputy “you don’t need to talk to me.” The deputy reported that the woman then accused the deputy of being racist because she alleged two other persons had crossed before her. A second deputy arrived and the woman alleged that the first deputy had threatened to call the police on her but both deputies explained that they did not need to call the police because they were, in fact, deputies. The woman asked for and received the name and badge number of the first deputy.

On Dec. 3, an information report was filed at a Boone’s Bridge Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that an 18-year-old male threatened to beat up her 10-year-old grandson while on the school bus. She said the grandson alleged that the teen told him he was going to beat him up first thing in the morning “for being too loud.” The complainant said she would speak with both the bus driver and school officials regarding the alleged threats.

On Dec. 3, a stolen vehicle complaint was filed at the westbound rest area, Interstate 20. According to reports, a man said after he struck a deer on the interstate he left his vehicle at the 107 mile marker for a wrecker. The man said after five or six days a friend told him the vehicle was still on the interstate. The man said he made a second call to his insurance company and they again advised that they would send a wrecker. However, the man said, when the second wrecker arrived, the 2016 Kia was no longer on the interstate.

On Dec. 3, an information report was filed at a Davis Academy, Rutledge, location. According to reports, a woman alleged that after she had received a temporary protective order against her husband, the husband had contacted her children’s school regarding their welfare. Reports state that a deputy observed that the emails sent to the schools were time stamped prior to the temporary protective order.

On Dec. 2, an identification fraud complaint was filed at Rainbow Food Store, Athens Highway. According to reports, a clerk at the store said a man entered the store and attempted to purchase a six pack of beer using a fake Texas driver’s license. The clerk said the man’s face shape did not match the photograph and on the fake license, the man’s height was listed at 6’9” and the suspect was around six feet tall. After the clerk refused to sell the man the beer, he left and left the license.

On Dec. 2, a physical domestic dispute complaint was filed at a Mallard Ridge Road residence. According to reports, a 15-year-old female alleged that her step-father had “put hands on her.” The teen alleged that following an argument with family, she was sitting on the family’s kitchen table and the step-father asked her to get off the table. The teen said she cursed and asked her step-father if “that was a threat” and the step-father allegedly said “that’s a promise” and grabbed her by her arms, lifted her off the table and placed her in a chair. The teen said the argument continued and she threatened to call authorities, which the step-father allegedly advised her to do. The step-father told the deputy he was tired of the teen “running her mouth” and “thinking she grown.” The deputy advised the teen to go to her room for the night and she allegedly told the deputy she “didn’t need us anymore.”

On Dec. 1, a forgery complaint was filed at a Confederate Road location. According to reports, a woman said she had been notified by her business’ bank that someone had manufactured a check using the business account information and cashed a check for $4,275.63 at another bank. The woman said the information on the check was the same she used when receiving a quote from a window company.

On Dec. 1, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Greensboro Highway location. According to reports, a woman said someone took a black 12 foot trailer from her property. She also reported that her back door was unlocked. She said nothing appeared to be missing but items had been moved around.

On Dec. 1, Joseph Ryder Meadows, 21, Madison, was arrested and charged with battery. According to reports, a man alleged that Meadows engaged in an argument with a woman at a Riverwoods Road residence regarding Meadows finding a new place to live, in part, because of his alleged drug use. The man alleged that Meadows then punched the woman in the face with a closed fist. The man said he took Meadows to the ground and Meadows struggled, causing scratches to the man. After deputies arrived, they located Meadows at an Oak Hill Lane residence. While attempting to detain and handcuff Meadows, reports state, Meadows allegedly tensed up and was forced against a wall. A deputy trained a taser weapon on Meadows as he was arrested.

On Nov. 29, Chibueze Cavour Ihekwoaba, 21, Augusta, was arrested and charged with reckless driving and speeding. According to reports, a deputy allegedly observed Ihekwoaba driving a 2014 BMW at 115 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 20. The BMW, reports state, was passing vehicles in the right hand lane.

On Nov. 30, a damage to property complaint was filed at the CSX Railroad overpass on Old Buckhead Road. According to reports, a deputy reported that a man hauling a backhoe on a trailer became stuck under the overpass bridge after misguiding the height of the bridge. Reports state that the bridge sustained limited damage.

On Nov. 30, a burglary report was filed at a Harris Hollis Lane, Rutledge, residence. No other information was made available regarding the allegation.

On Nov. 30, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Rainbow Food Store, Athens Highway. According to reports, a clerk reported that a man in a white van came inside, paid for gas and then sat in the van while the pump filled the tank. The man then drove off, dragging the gas hose. The man did not return to return the nozzle and hose. However, a customer listening to a police scanner heard the report and observed the van driving, with the nozzle and hose attached, north on Athens Highway. The customer was able to take a picture of the nozzle and hose and the vehicle’s license plate.

On Nov. 30, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Hestertown Road residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had taken her 2015 Ford Edge.


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