On Oct. 3, Darreon Jaleel Walker, 18, Sparta was arrested and charged with reckless driving, improper passing, too fast for conditions and no motorcycle helmet. According to reports, Walker was allegedly observed and videoed leaving the parking lot of the Bostwick Food Store on a lime green dirt bike with no helmet. Walker allegedly passed a vehicle on a double line on Bostwick Highway toward Apalachee Road. A Morgan County Sheriff’s Office employee reported receiving calls regarding a lime green dirt bike “popping wheelies” on Apalachee Road. Callers also alleged that the driver of the motorcycle struck a dog. A deputy reported that while he was patrolling the area he received a call from a man who said he had met with Walker in regards to selling the dirt bike but that Walker had not returned. Walker then returned to the convenience store without the bike, reports state, and an argument ensued between the bike’s owner and Walker. Walker told the deputy that while he was riding the bike “it was smoking” and the chain broke. Walker said a man in a pickup truck hauled him and the bike to the Rainbow Convenience Store where he left the bike in a ditch. The bike’s owner was taken to the Rainbow Convenience Store by a deputy and reported that the chain was, in fact, broken and the motor was cracked. Fluids were leaking from the bike, reports state. A second deputy located witnesses to the dog strike on Apalachee Road. Witnesses alleged that a black dog ran towards Walker while he was on the bike and Walker stuck his leg out and knocked the dog into a ditch. Walker told a deputy he was afraid the dog was going to bite him. The dog was limping and had scratches, reports state.

On Oct. 2, a felony theft complaint was filed at Cool Carts on Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man called the company and said they wanted to purchase a 2021 golf cart after an employee sent photos to the interested buyer. The man, who gave an address in Greensboro at Lake Oconee, allegedly paid for the golf cart with two credit cards and stated a wrecker driver would come pick up the golf cart. Reports state Taylor Wrecker service in Monroe picked up the golf cart and took it to the “buyer.” The complainant then reported that after two weeks, he was notified one of the credit cards was in dispute of the purchase. He told deputies he contacted the wrecker service to find out where they delivered the golf cart. The wrecker stated he delivered it to a shopping center in Mableton, Ga.

On Oct. 2, a disorderly conduct report was filed at an Eatonton Road residence. According to reports, a woman stated she had picked up her juvenile son and his cousin and brought them to her house. She claimed the 15-year-old cousin was causing problems and her husband attempted to get him to stop. The husband claimed the juvenile was throwing fireworks toward his boat and when he told him to stop, he claimed the juvenile gave him attitude through body gestures made through the window. The juvenile called his father to pick him up and once he arrived, the complainant said she observed him holding her husband by his shirt sleeve “making threats.” The husband claimed the father was making threats while pulling a black semi-automatic pistol slightly out of his rear waistband, but never drawing it completely. The father claimed the husband charged at him when he arrived to pick up his son and began pushing him. He denied pulling a firearm or threatening the man.

On Oct. 1, a damage to vehicle report was filed at the Morgan County Soccer Complex. According to reports, a woman said she had gone to the soccer complex on Sept. 30 for her son’s football games and noticed significant damage to the front of her Toyota Corolla the following morning.

On Oct. 1, a report of a lost tag was filed at a Blue Springs Dr., Buckhead residence. According to reports, a man stated he was missing the Georgia tag off of his boat trailer. He told deputies he had last seen it on his boat trailer a couple of years ago.

On Sept. 30, John Moore, 54, of Lawrenceville, was arrested for a construction speed violation and driving while license suspended. According to reports, deputies initiated a traffic stop on a black BMW traveling at 83 mph in a 45 mph zone in the area of Eatonton Road and Seven Islands Road, marked as a construction zone. Moore was arrested for driving with a suspended license and speeding in a highway work zone. Moore also had an active warrant from Covington for failure to appear, reports state.

On Sept. 30, an identity fraud report was filed at a Clack Road residence. According to reports, a man claimed his name and address was used to obtain a business license for a plumbing company through the Georgia Secretary of State.

On Sept. 30, an information report was filed at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a possible theft. According to reports, a man claimed that official government documents, possibly classified documents from his employment with the federal government during the Vietnam War, were taken from him while having lunch with two men at Madison Produce on E. Washington St. approximately three to four months ago. The man reported he had asked the men several times to return the documents, but they refused.

On Sept. 28, a report of forgery in the first degree was filed at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Monticello Road. According to reports, a man claimed his wife had stolen checks from him and forged his signature. He told deputies he and his wife have been separated for almost a year but are still legally married. He presented copies of five checks that totaled $734.

On Sept. 28, deputies responded to a report of threats and harassment in the area of Broughton and Shiloh Roads. According to reports, a woman claimed that while driving home, a man walking his dog moved to the center of the roadway, completely blocking her path to her house. She said that in the past, the man has screamed at her to slow down while driving down the gravel road. She told deputies the man approached the driver side of her window and said, “That’s one way to get you to slow down,” and reportedly made a gesture toward a handgun holstered on his hip. The woman stated that after a brief argument where the man cussed at her in front of her child in the back seat, both parties moved on. The man told deputies he walks his dogs at the same time each day and the woman consistently speeds by him, kicking up dirt and gravel and that particular day, he “eased into the middle of the road” when he realized she was coming and forced her to stop. He stated in the report that he carries a Glock 19, 9mm pistol with rat-shot rounds in it for snakes only when he is on his daily walks but denied referencing, gesturing, drawing or pointing his pistol during the incident.

On Sept. 27, a missing vehicle report was filed at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Monticello Highway. According to reports, a woman said her van was missing from her Hayes Street home, but she doesn’t remember if she let someone borrow it. She claims it has been missing for at least five months and added that the transmission in the van was inoperable.

On Oct. 3, Desmond Michael Dunn, 20, of Greensboro, and Jytavious Jevon Brinkley, 19, of Colbert, were arrested for driving with expired or no license, marijuana possession, less than one ounce. According to reports, deputies responded to a report of reckless driving on Interstate 20. After locating the vehicle near mile marker 114, deputies conducted a traffic stop and detected the odor of marijuana. Reports state that while the driver was conducting field sobriety exercises, the passenger was reaching into his sweatshirt pockets. Deputies removed the passenger from the vehicle and located a clear bag containing a green leafy substance sticking out of the pocket. Nine rounds of .357 Magnum ammunition was also located in the vehicle, along with another clear plastic bag and black digital scale. It was determined the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Both suspects were transported to the jail for processing.


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