On Nov. 14, an entering auto and criminal damage to property complaint was filed at a Lower Apalachee Road residence. No other information was available regarding the complaint.

On Nov. 13, a theft by taking and forgery complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone took a check she had written to the City of Madison for $42.40 from her mailbox and changed the check to $892.40 and changed it to an individual’s name. The woman said the check was dated on Nov. 4 and that had been changed to Nov. 5 and the check cleared her bank on Nov. 9.

On Nov. 12, a criminal trespass notice was issued on Second Street, Bishop. According to reports, a woman alleged that another woman had come to her residence while the complainant was at work and yelled at her children. The complainant said a neighbor and another person said the altercation was uncalled for.

On Nov. 12, a computer pornography and obscene communication complaint was filed at Morgan County Middle School, College Drive. According to reports, deputies responded to a parents’ complaint that their 12-year-old daughter had sent a nude photo to a student. Deputies interviewed 10 students who had possessed the photo shared on social media and, in the presence of school administrators, deleted the photo.

On Nov. 12, a verbal threat complaint was filed at a Shadow Lake Drive, Buckhead, residence. According to reports, a man said that a woman with whom he ended a three-month relationship had been calling him approximately every 15 minutes with the last call recorded at 3:45 a.m. The complainant said the woman called again the following morning and advised him that she was coming over so the couple could “sit down and talk.” The complainant said he told the woman that if she arrived at his residence he would have her arrested. The woman allegedly told the man that if she was arrested she would go to prison for 20 years because she is allegedly on probation. She also, the man said, threatened to kill him if she did go to prison. The man said he had his secretary record the conversation and gave deputies a copy of the recording.

On Nov. 11, an information report was filed at the intersection of Parks Mill Road and Seven Islands Road. According to reports, a man alleged that his estranged girlfriend was following him in a vehicle and attempted to “cut him off” several times. The girlfriend told the deputy that she had caught the complainant going outside their relationship and was following him but denied any attempts to “cut him off.”

On Nov. 10, a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at Country Boy’s RV Park, Eatonton Highway. According to reports, a man said someone had damaged his 2018 Ram 2500. A deputy noted that the vehicle had windows busted out and there were dents and scratches and the head of a large flashlight found on the ground next to the driver’s side door. The man said he did not have any enemies that he was aware of.

On Nov. 10, a financial identity fraud complaint was filed at a Sandy Creek Road residence. According to reports, a man said on two occasions unauthorized charges to HIC Premium Insurance for $166 and $142 had been taken from his bank account.

On Nov. 10, a theft by taking complaint was filed at the Country Store, Sandy Creek Road. According to reports, an employee stated that a man entered the store and presented his driver’s license and asked the employee to activate a gas pump. The man pumped $122.47 worth of diesel into a vehicle and left the store without paying for the gas. A deputy was able to make contact with the man, using his driver’s license, and the man stated that he had called the store and paid for the fuel with a credit card.

On Nov. 9, a found gun report was filed at a Pinetree Circle location. According to reports, a man said that while his children were playing behind the residence, one of the children alerted him that they had found a gun. The man took the gun inside the residence and removed a loaded magazine. The man said he last cut grass on around the residence on Nov. 4 and the gun was not there at that time.

On Nov. 9, Clinton Dale Clemons, 23, Eatonton, was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property and possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. According to reports, Clemons was stopped for speeding on Eatonton Road. Consequent to the traffic stop, Clemons allegedly admitted that he had recently smoked marijuana to the deputy. He also advised that a handgun was under the driver’s side floor mat. A deputy located a small amount of suspected marijuana in the vehicle and a Cobra .380 pistol. Clemons told the deputy that his “homeboy” had given him the pistol. The pistol was reported stolen out of Baldwin County.

On Nov. 7, an information report was filed at a Reese Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that he and his wife were engaged in a heated argument and when he attempted to leave the residence she blocked the door. The man said he jumped over a couch to go out a second door and the woman allegedly slammed the door on his leg and allegedly hit him in the forehead with a cell phone.


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