On April 25, Brandon Anthony Perez, 19, St. Simons, was arrested and charged with DUI, possession of cocaine and failure to maintain lane. According to reports, a person from Love’s Truck Stop called and alleged that Perez was intoxicated. At approximately 3:30 a.m., a deputy observed Perez leave the truck stop and fail to maintain lane. Consequent to a traffic stop, Perez was arrested and, reports state, deputies found a small amount of suspected cocaine in a plastic bag in the vehicle.

On April 26, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Buckhead Road, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a woman said she left her residence on Jan. 16 and when she returned on April 20, she noticed that her 1982 Eldo Craft john boat with trailer had been stolen. The woman valued the boat and trailer at $150.

On April 25, James Prior Adcock, 31, Bishop, was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property. According to reports, a vehicle in which Adcock was a passenger was stopped on Apalachee Road for a broken brake light. Consequent to the stop, deputies learned that Adcock was wanted in Morgan County on a probation violation charge. Deputies also found a 9mm handgun in the passenger floorboard. The handgun had been reported stolen from a Loganville residence.

On April 25, an information report was filed from a Bostwick Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that she received a collect call from a correctional unit. The woman said she currently has a temporary protective order against her ex-husband who is incarcerated and is not allowed to have any communication with her. The woman said she did not accept the call and wanted the attempt noted for the record.

On April 25, Saddaria Jalisa Bell, 30, Madison, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and cruelty toward children. No other information regarding Bell’s arrest was available.

On April 23, a safety check point was performed at the intersection of Bethany Road and Baldwin Dairy Road. According to reports, six warning violations were issued during the duration of the checkpoint.

On April 24, a dispute complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her landlord and the landlord’s son came to her residence and demanded that she leave the residence. The woman said she had already spoken to an attorney who advised her that the landlord would have to evict her through the court system. The complainant said the landlord’s son shut off the woman’s water and placed a lock on the well. The woman said she informed the son that it was illegal to turn the water off and the son allegedly became aggressive toward her. The woman said she feared the son was going to assault her. She said her husband pulled a gun on the landlord’s son and told him to back away. The deputy contacted the landlord who alleged that complainant’s husband pulled a gun on her son for no reason. The landlord’s son also said the husband pulled a gun for no reason. The deputy told the son that the complainant was going to remove the lock from the water system and that the property owners would have to evict the complainant through the court system. The son allegedly told the deputy that if the complainant damaged his lock he would damage her property. The deputy advised the son that if he damaged the complainant’s property he should be prepared to be arrested and the son allegedly told the deputy that he “needed to be prepared to arrest him.”

On April 23, a fraudulent use of address complaint was filed at a Dixie Highway residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had used her address with fraudulent intent.

On April 22, a dispute complaint was filed at a Pierce Dairy Road residence. According to reports, a man alleged that his female neighbor had accused him of sending her a harassing email. The man said he does not have an email address. The woman said she received an email stating “I recorded you,” and it had the man’s name attached.

On April 21, a safety check point report was filed at the intersection of Sandy Creek Road and Fairplay Road. According to reports, the check point was operated to check for valid driver’s license, registration and intoxicated drivers. Two verbal warnings were issued and a narcotics arrest was made.

On April 21, Keemandra Travon Hyman, 20, Madison, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a schedule 1 substance with the intent to distribute. According to reports, Hyman pulled to a law enforcement check point at the intersection of Sandy Creek Road and Fairplay Road at approximately 10:30 p.m. Reports state that two deputies alleged that there was strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Consequent to a search of the vehicle, the deputy allegedly found a backpack that contained 19 separate baggies containing suspected marijuana, four plastic tubes containing suspected pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, two plastic bags containing suspected marijuana gummies, three boxes containing suspected liquid THC cartridges and a set of digital scales. Hyman allegedly told the officers the bag and its contents belonged to him. Deputies also located $1,381 on Hyman’s person with $1,060 in $20 bills rolled up and held together with a rubber band.

On April 21, a theft of lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road, Buckhead location. According to reports, a man said he lost a grey money bag with a Bank of Madison logo on the bag after leaving the Buckhead Grocery store. The man said he may have left the bag on the bumper of his vehicle while checking on a tail light.

On April 19, a damage to property complaint was filed at a Estes Road, Mansfield, residence. According to reports, a woman said after she struck some debris on Estes Road, she stopped and noticed that gasoline was dripping from her Ford Fusion.

On April 19, Jacquezd Laroan Waymon, 27, Bostwick, was arrested and charged with simple assault and reckless conduct. According to reports, deputies responded to a dispatch alert that a woman was in a vehicle with Waymon near the Country Store, Sandy Creek Road, and had been attacked. Deputies located the vehicle and performed a traffic stop. The woman alleged that Waymon, who she is familiar with, jumped in her vehicle while she was at Ingles. The woman said she drove Waymon to the Relax Inn where he was allegedly staying and when they arrived he told her he no longer had a room at the inn. She said she exited the driver’s side door and walked around the vehicle to open Waymon’s door and Waymon jumped into the driver’s seat. The woman said she was afraid he was going to leave with her children and she jumped in the passenger seat behind the driver’s seat. While she was trying to get into the vehicle, she alleged, Waymon backed the car over her foot. Reports note there was a tire track on the woman’s left shoe. The woman said Waymon then drove away from the inn while her door was still open. The woman said she slammed the door shut and Waymon allegedly threw a plate of food at her. Deputies noted there was food debris on the woman’s shirt. The woman also had scrapes on her elbow. The woman told deputies she was in the process of getting a temporary protective order against Waymon. At the Country Store, Waymon allegedly verified much of the story to a deputy but denied running over the woman’s foot. While deputies were investigating the incident, they learned the woman had an active probation violation warrant against her. The woman was informed that she was going to be arrested and someone needed to come and pick up the children. A deputy waited with the woman until a person came for the children and then the woman was also taken to the Morgan County Detention Center.

On April 19, an abandoned vehicle report was filed at a Church Street, Bostwick, location. According to reports, a deputy observed a bullet-ridden Toyota Corolla that was held together with tow straps. Reports state that a witness reported that a white male with a chest length beard in a tow truck drug the vehicle down the road and dropped it at the location. The Toyota has no tires and was cutting into the road, reports state. The tow truck was black with a neon green sign on the side. A deputy checked the serial number on the vehicle and reported that it had not been reported as stolen.

On April 19, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Parks Mill Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that while she was in town, her right rear tire went flat. The woman said there were marks on the tires that made her suspect someone intentionally damaged the tire. The woman said the tire damage fit a pattern of unexplained events in her life including people trimming around her trees and entering her house and eating her food.

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