On Aug. 13, a stalking complaint was filed at an Academy Lane, Rutledge, residence. According to reports, a man alleged that his former landlord was stalking him. The man said a gold, older model van pulled into his parking lot and the driver of the van was confronted from a distance by the complainant’s wife and when the wife told the driver she was calling the police, the van sped away. The complainant also alleged that at one point, the landlord allegedly confronted the complainant in the parking lot behind Amici’s in Madison. The complainant said he and the landlord have gone to Morgan County Magistrate Court to address “all this stuff.” The complainant said the landlord thinks he is owed money.

On Aug. 8, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Waterford Court residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone had entered her residence and removed her prescription medicine.

On Aug. 13, Dekota Lee Bridges, 17, Madison, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and simple battery. According to reports, a man alleged that when he refused to allow Bridges his car keys, he and Bridges squared off and grabbed each other. The man said he fell down and hurt his knee. A female witness told authorities that Bridges broke a laundry room door as he was leaving the residence and that he grabbed an 11-year-old girl and threw her out of the way, injuring her elbow. He also allegedly damaged a rear door of the residence.

On Aug. 12, Christopher Wayne Selvidge, 21, Mansfield, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and a probation violation warrant. According to reports, a Morgan County deputy received intelligence that Selvidge was at the Valero Convenience Store on Newborn Road and was in an argument with a second person. The deputy called for assistance, in part because she was familiar with Selvidge through her work with the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Accountability Courts, and relocated to Valero. Selvidge was not at the store but deputies relocated again to his residence on Sewell Road. Reports state they observed Selvidge on the front porch and he fled into the residence. Several deputies moved to the back of the house to prevent his escape. Other occupants at the residence secured Pit Bulldogs inside the residence and allowed the deputy inside. Selvidge was captured while trying to crawl out of a window at the back of the house. Consequent to his arrest, deputies allegedly located a small bag of suspected methamphetamine and a small bag of suspected marijuana on his person.

On Aug. 12, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Hayes Street residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her son punched three holes in the walls of her residence. Reports state the woman said her son has gotten to a point where she can no longer control him and she fears for her safety. Earlier, the son had been detained at the residence by a Madison Police Department officer and had been transported to a mental facility for evaluation.

On Aug. 12, a theft by taking and criminal trespass complaint was filed at a West Atlanta Highway, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a man reported that someone had stolen two of his Pit Bulldogs. No other information regarding the report was available.

On Aug. 12, Camela Eilleen Trower, 43, Madison, was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Fayette County. Reports state that several deputies were sent to a Green Meadows Drive residence where Fayette County investigators had been advised Trower was staying. Once at the residence, they served Trower with an arrest warrant for simple assault.

On Aug. 10, Kira Marie Dunklin was arrested and charged with obstruction of an officer, speeding and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. According to reports, a deputy working enforcement on Fairplay Road allegedly observed Dunklin driving a FedEx Ground delivery truck 62 mph in a 45 mph zone. Reports state the deputy turned on his blue lights after the truck turned on Old Mill Road and the truck continued and made no indication of stopping. The deputy then activated the siren and traveled in the oncoming lane to insure that the driver of the truck could see the patrol vehicle. The truck continued for nearly a mile and the deputy drove ahead and boxed the truck in and stopped the truck. Dunklin, reports state, was talking to a supervisor during the stop. The deputy asked for her driver’s license and she allegedly told him she did not have a license. He also asked for her name and date of birth but she continued talking on her phone. She refused, reports state, and continued to argue with the deputy regarding the stop. The deputy told Dunklin, reports state, that if she did not comply he would arrest her. He attempted to put a handcuff on one wrist and Dunklin allegedly resisted and then resisted an effort to remove her from the FedEx truck. The deputy reported he was forced to pull her from the truck. Dunklin was placed in a patrol car but refused to place her feet in the vehicle. The deputy spoke with Dunklin’s supervisor on the phone and told her to have someone enroute to get the FedEx truck until Dunklin disconnected the call from a second phone she had in her pocket. The deputy reported struggling with Dunklin to get the second phone. Dunklin’s supervisor came to the scene and removed the truck.

On Aug. 11, a damage to property complaint was filed at Interstate 20 westbound near the 123 mile marker. According to reports, a man said he ran over something in the road and after he stopped to check his vehicle, both front and rear tires on the right side were damaged. The man said he exited the vehicle and walked back and found a seven foot metal ramp in the road. He removed the ramp and then realized he had left his vehicle in drive and observed the vehicle in a ditch.

On Aug. 9, a simple battery complaint was filed at an East Atlanta Highway residence. According to reports, a man told a deputy that his sons had been involved in a fight on a Morgan County school bus. Reports state that on Aug. 6, one son alleged a ninth grade boy pushed his knees into one of the man’s son’s back and when the son demanded he stop, the ninth grader allegedly struck the son in the back several times with a closed fist. The man’s other son said the ninth grader also struck the son in the eye, breaking his glasses. The ninth grader’s parents allegedly apologized to the man and offered to pay for the glasses.

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