A man one officer said had drug-induced “inhuman strength” fought off several officers and allegedly attempted to take one officer’s canister of pepper spray during a tense, New Year’s Eve incident.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Deandre Trebrois Montgomery, 35, Madison, was eventually arrested and charged with felony obstruction and attempting to remove a weapon from a public official at a Maple Street residence around midnight on New Year’s eve.

However, that arrest came after three officers used both hand holds and several taser charges in an attempt to detain Montgomery. Reports state that officers were dispatched to the residence at 11:05 p.m. when a woman who was identified as Montgomery’s girlfriend told officers at the door that Montgomery was allegedly acting “aggressively towards her by not allowing (the woman) to move about freely inside the trailer.”

The woman told officers that Montgomery was “likely under the influence of narcotics and that she was not comfortable with him remaining in the residence in his current state.”

Officers noted that Montgomery was exhibiting “physical symptoms of drug induced psychosis.” Reports state that Montgomery had “extremely dilated pupils, abnormally heavy perspiration, excessive drooling and a lack of ability to communicate normally in a conversation.”

Officers offered Montgomery a ride to another location, however, at one point during the interaction Montgomery allegedly tapped one of the officer’s duty belt and attempted to grab the officer’s pepper spray. Montgomery attempted to back into a bedroom, reports state, and close the door and the officer kicked open the door and deployed his Taser. After an initial Taser cycle, Montgomery alleged continued to resist and was tased again “with little or no effect…”

Two other officers entered the room to assist, reports state, and at one point Montgomery rammed all three officers, driving them back into dresser.

The group tumbled to the floor and Montgomery was tased again “and it had zero effect..” reports state. Officers were eventually able to get handcuffs on Montgomery but “had to apply all our force to keep him on the floor.”

They also called for more backup and soon after, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived and applied leg irons to Montgomery.

However, as Montgomery was taken from the residence, reports state, he continued to resist, grabbing a porch railing and refusing to release the railing until officers pried his hands free. During the intense struggle, reports state, Montgomery continued to accuse the police officers of being “not real police and we were trying to kill him,” reports state.

Montgomery was transported to the Morgan County Detention Center and allegedly fought officers attempting to remove him from the police vehicle. While at the detention center, EMS workers checked Montgomery’s vitals and determined that he needed to go to the hospital. At the hospital, a doctor kept Montgomery and monitored him for a few hours. Montgomery was then released and, reports state, his “demeanor was calm at that point and he walked and cooperated without further resistance.”

He was then taken back to the Morgan County Detention Center and was charged.


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