A man who frightened Waffle House customers at 4 a.m. on Saturday, May 8, was tased twice to no effect before a host of police officers and a good Samaritan held the man to the floor of the Pilot truck stop for an arrest.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Jacob Christian Gaddis, 26, of Conyers, was arrested and charged with one count felony obstruction, four counts misdemeanor obstruction, one count public intoxication and two counts interfering with a business after Gaddis caused a cook at the Waffle House to hit a “panic alarm” based on Gaddis’ actions.

When an officer arrived at the restaurant, he was told that Gaddis had “been acting very strange and they were concerned he was about to rob them.” The employee said Gaddis had “caused several customers to leave due to his behavior…”

When the officer approached Gaddis and told him he was under arrest for public intoxication, Gaddis, reports allege, actively resisted arrest. The officer warned Gaddis that he would be tased if he did not comply and Gaddis continued to resist and fled the restaurant. The officer called for an expedited response from backup and struck Gaddis with a taser weapon which “had no effect,” according to reports.

Gaddis ran to the Pilot Truck Stop and was tased a second time, again “with no effect.”

At the Pilot, the officer tackled Gaddis inside the convenience store portion of the store and attempted to place Gaddis in handcuffs. Reports state that after one handcuff was placed on Gaddis, he began to use the second, loose cuff as a weapon against the officer. A bystander offered the officer help in subduing Gaddis and the officer agreed. The bystander also sustained injuries during the struggle and was bleeding, reports state.

A Morgan County deputy arrived and “we were finally able to get Mr. Gaddis into handcuffs,” reports state.

Gaddis continued to resist officers and resisted being placed in a patrol car.

Once at the Morgan County Detention Center, Gaddis allegedly kicked a detention officer. He was placed in a padded cell.

Reports state that earlier in the evening, the same officer had been called to the Red Roof Inn regarding a man “acting strange.” At the motel, a clerk told the officer that Gaddis had been “walking the halls and could not seem to conduct basic tasks.” The clerk alleged that Gaddis was “unable to maintain focus on anything for very long and appeared to have taken some type of drug,” reports state.

The officer spoke with Gaddis at the Red Roof Inn and reported that he was “not disruptive and understood where he was at and what he was doing.” He denied medical treatment. The officer did note that Gaddis was sweating profusely and could “not sit still and could not hold anything in his hands without dropping it.”

Reports state that the officer told the clerk that since Gaddis was not being disruptive at that time he would check back periodically.

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