A man who registered nearly five times more than the legal level of intoxication to drive was arrested and charged with DUI, in part, because a convenience store clerk refused to sell the man alcohol.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Kevin Eugene Brand, 51, Buckhead, was stopped around noon on Saturday, May 22, on Eatonton Road after he allegedly failed to signal to get out of a middle lane. Reports state that an officer was called by Morgan County Dispatch and advised that a man in a silver truck had been refused an attempt to purchase alcohol at the Citgo convenience store “because he was too intoxicated.”

The officer observed the truck leave the Citgo parking lot and allegedly observed the traffic violation and initiated emergency lights. Reports allege that Brand had a slow reaction to the emergency lights but did pull over.

The officer noted that Brand had blood on one cheek and scrapes on his hands and knees. Brand told the officer he had fallen in the parking lot.

Brand refused standardized field sobriety tests, citing medical reasons, but did offer a breath sample that returned at .398, reports state. In Georgia, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level of .08 and, in some instances lower if an officer deems the driver too impaired to drive.

The officer told Brand that he was going to cite him for DUI and then transport him to Morgan Medical Center for treatment and for his injuries from falling.

Brand initially refused treatment. The silver truck was towed and Brand was given a ride to the Days Inn, where he had been staying.

However, once at the motel, motel staff refused to allow Brand to stay there, citing lack of payment and, reports state, that after Brand left the motel, workers had to clean up more than 100 beer cans from his room.

Reports state that Brand was taken to Morgan Medical Center for treatment.

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