Morgan County authorities have issued arrest warrants against a man who fled a safety checkpoint, crashed his vehicle and ran, leaving a child and a woman behind.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, deputies and members of the Georgia State Patrol are seeking Chadwick Taylor Armistead, 25, of Madison, after Armistead allegedly fled from the checkpoint and wrecked a Ford Explorer he was driving.

Reports state that at approximately 11 p.m., Armistead drove the Explorer to the checkpoint at the intersection of Apalachee Road and Beaver Dam Road on Saturday, Aug. 28. A deputy asked Armistead for his driver’s license and Armistead allegedly told the deputy he did not have his wallet on his person. The deputy asked for and received Armistead’s name and date of birth so he could check on his driver’s license status. Reports state that he then instructed Armistead to pull onto Sidwell Road and wait.

Armistead, with a woman and months-old baby in the vehicle, pulled onto Sidwell Road as if to comply, but then, reports state, accelerated to flee. Two deputies ran to their vehicles and gave chase. The Explorer overturned on a curve and was upside down in a ditch, reports state.

The female passenger was standing near the vehicle and “began screaming about her baby which was inside the vehicle,” reports state. A deputy heard the baby crying from the vehicle and found the child hanging upside down in a car seat. A second deputy was able to get the rear door open and free the child from the seat. He then handed the child to a second deputy through the door. The child, reports state, was not injured. The mother was treated for injuries. A deputy waited with the child until the child’s grandmother arrived at the scene and took the child.

A Georgia Department of Corrections canine officer and handler were called to the scene and searched for Armistead but were unsuccessful.

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