A Buckhead man was arrested and charged with simple assault and pointing a gun at another after he allegedly threatened a neighbor and the neighbor’s guests with a handgun.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Kent Alan Swank, 64, was arrested around midnight on Sunday, July 18, at his Shadow Lake Drive residence.

Reports state that a woman called Morgan County Dispatch and said while she was at a Shadow Lake residence attending a gathering, a man in a blue T-shirt “put a gun to her head.” The woman alleged the man walked around the property and was pointing a gun at people.

Two deputies arrived at Swank’s residence and when Swank opened the door, reports state, he had a Browning .22 caliber semi-automatic in his hand. Swank was ordered, at gun point, to drop the gun but Swank allegedly refused and continued to hold the gun, pointing it away from deputies.

“After several lawful commands to drop the weapon, the man put the weapon on the kitchen table,” reports state.

Swank was then handcuffed and detained. Reports allege that Swank “seemed impaired and he smelled strongly of alcoholic beverage.”

The handgun had one round loaded in its chamber.

A neighbor came over and alleged that he had a few people over that night and they had gone on a boat trip on Lake Oconee. The neighbor said after they returned and the guests were beginning to leave, Swank walked over with a handgun in his hand. The neighbor alleged Swank pointed the gun at him and his guests and threatened to kill them. The neighbor said he then got his handgun. Reports state that the neighbor “was impaired as well and smelled strongly of alcoholic beverage.”

The neighbor, and a second neighbor, both told deputies that Swank had been acting differently since breaking his shoulder last year. Both said Swank had allegedly confronted a yard care person and had recently “been yelling at people on the lake for no reason.”

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