A Madison man was arrested on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31 after a fight over a child putting something in a washing machine allegedly led to the man pistol-whipping a woman and knocking out a tooth.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, Thomas Robert Duane Kinnison, 28, was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and cruelty toward children following a physical confrontation with a woman at an RV Park on Apalachee River Road.

Reports state that Kinnison called Morgan County Dispatch around 7:30 p.m. and advised that after he had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend, he went to another camper at the park to wait for deputies.

Once a deputy arrived he was met by the 24-year-old woman who, reports state, “had blood on face and clothes.” A second man was standing near the camper and the woman told the deputy that the man had taken Kinnison’s weapon to hold.

The man reached for the small of his back and the deputy drew his service pistol and commanded the man to stop reaching for the weapon. The man pulled the weapon with two fingers and dropped the Taurus 9mm pistol. He told the deputy that he had secured the firearm so neither the woman nor Kinnison would have access to the pistol.

The 9mm pistol had six cartridges in its magazine and none in the chamber.

Kinnison was found in a nearby camper. The woman told the deputy that she and Kinnison had gotten into a fight after the couple’s two-year-old child had put something into a washing machine that didn’t belong.

The woman alleged Kinnison began screaming at her and she allegeldy told him to “do something about it.” At that point, she said, Kinnison pulled his pistol from his waistband, pointed the weapon at her and then grabbed her by the throat. The woman alleged Kinnison threw her to the kitchen floor, climbed on top of her and “pistol whipped” her in the mouth, knocking out a tooth.

The deputy observed a missing tooth in the woman’s mouth, blood on the kitchen floor and blood on the woman’s shirt. Kinnison also had blood on his shirt, reports state. He told a deputy that the blood belonged to the woman.

The deputy also noted that Kinnison had a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath.


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Falsely accused. Not the entire story. Mother is unfit

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