A 12-hour crime spree that included three attempted robberies ended in the Ollie’s parking lot when officers of the Madison Police Department and investigators with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office detained a 27-year-old suspect.

Demarcus Treyvone Peek, Madison, was arrested and charged with three counts of armed robbery after city officers Investigator Andre Johnson, Corp. Chuck Elder, Corp. Stacey Eaton and Morgan County Sheriff’s Office investigators Chase Young and Joseph Pritchett surrounded Peek in the parking lot.

According to Madison Police Chief Colin Campbell, Peek had allegedly just fled a robbery attempt at Jay’s Vape Shop in the Goodwill shopping center.

Campbell said Peek’s arrest came after an overnight crime spree that also included attempted robberies at the Circle K Store on Eatonton Road and the Family Dollar store on Eatonton Road.

Campbell said officers believe Peek entered the Circle K store at approximately 1 a.m. Monday morning, milled around and then walked to the side of the counter before demanding money.

“At some point in time he told her to turn around. According to her, he poked her in the back with an unknown object. She was assuming he was armed with something.” Campbell said the 42-year-old clerk complied and Peek fled the store with $99.

Video surveillance and a witness showed Peek, wearing a purple COVID-type mask and a pink hoodie, running toward the Days Inn and then leaving the area in a white Honda van with an inoperable tail light.

At 9 a.m., a man matching Peek’s description entered the Family Dollar Store and attempted to by a cigar product. When the clerk opened the register, Campbell said Peek allegedly “reached over and attempted to swipe the money from the cash register.” Campbell said the clerk slammed the register shut and Peek fled the store on foot. “He was unsuccessful and fled,” Campbell said.

At 10:06 a.m., Peek allegedly entered Jay’s Vape Shop in the Goodwill Shopping center. After he walked up to the counter to make a purchase, he allegedly grabbed the female clerk’s arm and demanded money. The clerk, Campbell said, told Peek that there was no money because the store had just opened. She then reached into her purse and produced a handgun and Peek fled on foot.

He was then arrested minutes later in the Ollie’s parking lot while walking towards the Bank of Madison. Campbell said Peek remains incarcerated in the Morgan County Detention Center on three counts of armed robbery.

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