A man who allegedly made “moaning” sounds and suggestive comments to a 16-year-old Waffle House cook was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction and interference of business with another.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Michael L. Williams, 51, Madison was tased and then arrested at a Cox Road residence after officers responded a dispute complaint at the Waffle House, Eatonton Road. Reports state that employees at the Waffle House alleged that Williams inquired to the age of the cook. When the juvenile told Williams she was 16-years-old he asked the girl “what she would do if he came back there and held her hand while she cooked.”

The girl allegedly asked Williams if he “wanted to be arrested, I am underage.” Williams then allegedly made the moaning noises and lewd comments.

He then allegedly argued that a 16-year-old should not be allowed to cook.

Williams left minutes before officers arrived. Three employees at Waffle House alleged that Williams was intoxicated.

An officer located Williams at the Cox Road residence and reported that while he was attempting to question Williams regarding the Waffle House incident “because of his level of intoxication, it was hard to keep a conversation going with him.”

Williams also demanded that the officer get of his property. The officer then allegedly told Williams he was detained while the officer investigated the incident and Williams argued that a 16-year-old should not be allowed to cook at the Waffle House. When the officer attempted to place handcuffs on Williams, he allegedly resisted arrest. An officer prepared a taser weapon while he and and second officer attempted to gain control of Williams. The officer initially holstered the taser weapon and attempted to gain control but failed and tased Williams. Following the taser implementation, Williams initially complied but then refused to get into the patrol car. An officer threatened to tase Williams again and Williams complied.

He was then transported to the Morgan County Detention Center and was examined by EMS workers.

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